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Tread MarksPlayer's Award

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Rate: 78% /100 Price: $1995   Read full Tread Marks reviews

Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
 Tread Marks is a unique tank combat simulator. Get ready for the battle where no one takes prisoners and where you have to fight to get the goal and to survive. You can choose from two main game modes: deathmatch where you enter to the tough combat against AI tanks or other players and racing mode where you must guide your brutal machine through checkpoints avoiding fire from your enemies. In single-player mode you can start at bottom, middle, and top levels. At the bottom level you fight against silly acting opponents and the action becomes harder while moving closer to the top level. 

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
Tread Marks is a really fun, impressive and thrilling game. The unique combination of off-road racings and combat action. The action is accompanied by climbing hills, driving through the ponds and making jumps. Meet also fully destroyable landscape. Tanks leave tread marks. Different weapons make carters of different size. By the way find 23 kinds of weapons; it seems to me that it's more than enough. Among which you'll find nuclear missiles that leave huge carters, dirt-depositing weapon which adds new hills and many more which gives you the power of victory.  

Offline gameplay: Unknown
Multiplayer: Unknown
Publisher: eGames
ESRB Ratio: Teen (13+); 4 realistic violence

Extras and features:
· Arm with 23 different weapons and power ups, including 120mm shells, rapid-fire missiles, homing missiles, concussion missiles, flame throwers, plasma guns, plasma mines, air strikes, machine guns, chain guns, lasers, multi-fire missiles, diamond tipped ram drills, long range artillery missiles, cruise missiles, dirt balls, nuclear missiles, matter missiles, mass drivers, and the ultimate evil incarnate gun
· The game is easy customizable Almost every is able to tweak settings, add new tanks and weapons, change images and design new landscapes
· Booming 3d positional battlefield sounds
· Multiple single-player gameplay modes including instant races, ladder racing, and destruction derby style deathmatches against computer controlled tanks as well as networked racing and deathmatching, including one-click internet game finding
· Soundtrack includes 11 professionally composed techno-rock tracks
· Interesting and accessible to newbie, average and hard-die gamers

Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP Pentium II 300 MHz or faster 32 MB RAM 125 MB free hard disk space Open GL ,  Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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