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Rate: 90%
Price: $1995
      Read INSANIQUARIUM DELUXE review(s)
Feed fish! Fight aliens! It's the craziest aquarium you've always seen.
Full EARTH 2150 TRILOGY review
Rate: 90%
Price: $1995
      Read EARTH 2150 TRILOGY review(s)
The game participant has immense game play variants for resource management, res
Full HUNTING UNLIMITED 2009 review
Rate: 90%
Price: $1995
      Read HUNTING UNLIMITED 2009 review(s)
Hunt your path across North America's nearly fairly breathtaking environments.
Rate: 90%
Price: $1995
      Read DIRT TRACK RACING 2 review(s)
The Track is Back! Capturing the exact past knoweledge of competition!
Full BLAST THRU review
Rate: 90%
Price: $1995
      Read BLAST THRU review(s)
Burst on all way over blocks in a brick-blasting frenzy!

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Superstar Chefs

17.12.07 79% More...
Grab fruits and avoid the comical baddies in this blazing jump n' stomp game!

Bugatron Worlds

08.11.07 80% 6.19 mb
Zap those crazy space bugs in this zany little shooter!

Hammer Heads Deluxe

18.09.07 84% More...
It's a gnome-smashing fiesta of astonishing proportions!

Alpha Ball

16.08.07 84% More...
Totally fresh three-dimensional entry inside the Break-out games genre.


18.07.07 75% More...
A game where genuine life physics and wide discover three-dimensional maze maps


18.05.07 40% More...
This 80's arcade favorite is cool than always with even more

Zombie Smashers X2

10.04.07 67% More...
A ridiculous garage band street brawling adventure!

Barnyard Invasion

25.02.07 62% More...
Help store farm animals from their human masters in this hilarious puzzler.


21.12.06 51% 8.39 mb
Protect, destroy and evacuate in this awesome arcade shooter!

Da Vinci's Secret

14.09.06 49% 21.00 mb
Leonardo Da Vinci is hiding an earth-shattering secret in his artwork...

Blast Thru

18.05.04 62% More...
Burst on all way over blocks in a brick-blasting frenzy!

Super Elf Bowling 3

06.04.04 81% More...
Deja vu? This year's elf fest is the biggest and baddest bowl-o-rama yet.

Asteroid Miner

30.09.03 71% More...
2D scrolling asteroids-style space shooter with bonuses, LAN play and upgrades

Funny Chewer

06.09.03 18% More...
Interesting and greatly magnetic game for children and adults in PacMan style!


29.08.03 53% More...
Advanced Bomberman remake. Bombardix is the chief character of this awesome game

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History of games part 7
Many games can meet the inclined surface. They are either analog ladder, allowing the user to move diagonally both up and down, or allow you to move down only in one direction and are most often a trap by returning the user in the area that he has already left.
Ladders are used to provide vertical movement of the hero. Such a ladder may look like a true vertical ladder (like fire), or as a replacement or element: a hanging rope, pole, etc. In some games, the usual staircase with steps simulated stepped wall on which the hero must rise up jumps.
Others found in games such elements are moving. To those, in particular, are moving platform (a very common element in these games). The platform is usually connects two zones of the playing area. The hero must rise or, more often, to jump on a moving platform at a time when it comes to one of the extreme positions of its trajectory, or jump off and get off with her at the other end. These platforms usually move from side to side or up and down, although there are obliquely moving.
The games are common platform and stood motionless, but begin to move, when the hero gets to them. Some of these platforms could be useful for the hero, while others are trapped, returns it to the already completed their seats.
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