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Happier Than You

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Genre and what to do:
Are you tired of playing new games that are just like older games you played before?, then try "Happier than you"!, there is no other game like this in the the whole world!.
In this game you are an inventor, you'll have the chance to feel great when you use your personal abilities to help people be happy with the inventions you make.
As you progress in the game each person responds to the inventions that you build for them, expressing surprise, glee, sometimes even anger, and finally their faces will express complete happiness as you helped them fulfill their personal needs, you'll have lots of fun while looking at lots of faces while they show you their funny and entertaining expressions.
You'll also have the chance to become a great merchant as you buy and sell invention pieces in the marketplace. Buy low and sell high to amass a high quantity of money so that you can use it to help even more people!.
But have in mind the rivalries between people, because some of them feel envy towards others, and when they see their enemies become happier than them, they will become angry!. Apply strategic thought to choose who to please first and which pieces to use in your invention to maximize your points and please as much needs as you can in the smallest amount of turns as possible, without making people envy each other!. If you do this, you'll be training your diplomatic skills and in due time, you'll become a great diplomat knowing how to deal with difficult people!.
As you advance in the game you will gain different kinds of points, inventor points which show how much of a good inventor are you, merchant points which show how much money did you make in the invention parts market, diplomat points which show how much you where able to maintain the happiness of the people. You will also be able to earn cups and advance in categories.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
ESRB Ratio: Everyone

Extras and features:
* Become a better inventor by gathering many invention pieces.
* Earn lots of money by selling high and buying low in the invention parts market.
* Earn bronze, silver and golden cups.
* Watch funny and expressive faces change from very sad to very happy, get angry and be surprised when they respond as you build inventions for them.
* Enjoy classical and calming music and sounds as you play this challenging and relaxing game.
* Unlock level atributes by achieving goals, you will be able increase and change the number of people in the level, number of pieces, and number of envied people reaching a high level of personalization. If you want to play an easy game just change the attributes!, if you want to play a more challenging and rewarding game, just increase the difficulty by changing the attributes.
* Compare yourself with other players and see their level of expertize in the statistics table.
* Train your basic maths skills, your memory, focus, and diplomatic skills.

Requirements: Windows nt, 2000, XP, Vista. Processor 900 mhz, 128 RAM, Directx7 or OpenGL compatible video card and sound card.

Alternative names: .

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