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Full BEJEWELED 2 review
Rate: 89%
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Swap gems to assemble matches and sometimes chain reactions that score big point
Full JEWEL QUEST review
Rate: 89%
      Read JEWEL QUEST review(s)
Explore the immemorial Maya ruins period of time discovering sheltered treasures
Rate: 89%
The Queen's Diamond was stolen. Your stint is to locate the thief.
Full BOUND AROUND review
Rate: 89%
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One of the nearly fairly wonderful action-puzzle games
Full MAGIC MATCH review
Rate: 89%
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Can you transform Master of Magic? Explore six mystical realms.

full Puzzle games for PC

Product name Added   Rate Download

Dragon Ball

01.03.06 51% 22.00 mb
Help Manga Dragon locate his family's pearls in this comely swap-match puzzler.

The Lost City of Gold

01.03.06 58% 13.00 mb
Match 3 to investigate the gold on a journey similar to no other!


01.03.06 61% 10.00 mb
Join Kristine Kross, adventurer, world-traveler and puzzle-master.

Gamino: The Stolen Artifact

21.02.06 51% More...
Try to concur as multitude dominos as possible to free their energy with an outs


04.02.06 36% More...
Avalon is a perfect path to relax and absorb within the dreams approximately com


22.01.06 51% 5.53 mb
A pack of 8 brilliant logical/puzzle games with 3 sizes of during game plot fiel

Star Collapse

20.01.06 51% 4.23 mb
A fresh observe to a classical ball shooting conundrum game.

Cookie Chef

20.01.06 61% 4.47 mb
Help Chef Ben the Baker prepare cookies quickly and efficiently.

Gold Fever

05.01.06 66% More...
Hours of amusing and entertainment with this magnetic game.

Adventure Inlay: Safari Edition

05.01.06 74% 9.00 mb
Improved Adventure Inlay with brand fresh shapes and levels.

ALCHEMY DELUXE for Macintosh

27.12.05 44% More...
Turn the game table from lead to gold by placing sorcery runes in board's square

Griddlers Deluxe

21.11.05 73% 1.70 mb
Solve tons of rebuses and assemble fresh ones by yourself!

Bejeweled 2

24.07.05 89% More...
Swap gems to assemble matches and sometimes chain reactions that score big point


17.07.05 71% 3.66 mb
Operate with your mouse to turn the whole game!


30.06.05 75% More...
Get entertained for hours as you play this magnetic and amusing game.

Jewel Quest

28.06.05 89% More...
Explore the immemorial Maya ruins period of time discovering sheltered treasures


17.06.05 56% 3.85 mb
Collapse cubes in 3d environment, not 2D!

Same - Next Generation

07.06.05 51% 0.75 mb
Same - Next Generation is a classic remake of the well known Same game.

The Magic Seal

21.05.05 64% 5.78 mb
Find your kidnapped son in the palace of an harm wizard

Cubis Gold 2

14.12.04 83% More...
Discover thrilling fresh game cubes amazing maps and crazy play modes.

Bound Around

10.11.04 85% 2.26 mb
One of the nearly fairly wonderful action-puzzle games

Rocket Mania Deluxe

21.10.04 60% More...
Are you prepared for pyrotechnic conundrum action? Twist and turn the fuses!

Typer Shark Deluxe

21.10.04 61% More...
Move above, Mavis Beacon... here comes the typing tutor with teeth!

Sveerz Deluxe

29.06.04 75% More...
Sveerz Deluxe is the musical matching game that bounces to the beat.


20.06.04 84% More...
Match droll people faces according to their peculiarities, wildcards and powerup

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The birth of this area occurred at the junction of two gaming genres - puzzle / logical games («puzzles, logic games") and the quest, which left its distinctive mark on the gameplay. In games, puzzle quest focuses on the presence of a large number of riddles and puzzles. One of the first successful representatives of this alloy was two games later to become serial. The first of them - it's Tetris by Alexei Pajitnov, released by Nintendo for Game Boy in 1989. Although most of information reliable sources name Tetris a puzzle game, I personally disagree. You don't have to solve anything in Tetris, but quickly arrange falling pentominos to compose lines without empty squares. It is more to arcade gameplay! ;-) The second progenitor of visualized puzzle games – is the legendary Myst. The entire plot was invented by two brothers - Robin and Rand Miller. The brothers started working on a game in 1991. Having opened Cyan studio, and with help of the largest publishers of that time - Broderbund, the game was released in September 1993 for Apple Macintosh platform and later for PC. Myst has been sold worldwide in amounts of about twelve million copies. It is noteworthy that the game is a first-person. Not very common phenomenon for the adventure games of the time. When writing scenario, a significant part of the effort was spent on rendering quality locations. Where Cyan designers believed that they could not achieve the desired effect of visualization, they temporarily hired Japanese designers (some of the best computer designers in the world). The plot is narrated about a man named Atrus who had the gift of creating worlds by writing books about them. Every single world is described in a separate book. You can visit any world just by touching a particular page of the book. There is also were two Atrus envious sons - Sirrus and Achenar. They are jealous of the gift of his father, treacherously attempted to seize power over the created worlds, for which he had been placed in separate worlds-traps. For some reason Atrus also is trapped in one of his worlds. The protagonist, having got to the island of Myst, is facing a multitude of puzzles, realized in form of mechanical and logical conundrums. Using books, player can visit different world and seek books pages to get back missing ones. Myst series became a new "quality standard" for the quest genre for many years in advance. The game has several continuations: “Riven”, “Myst-3: Exile”, “Myst-4: Revelation”, “Myst-5: End of Ages”, and “Myst Uru: Complete Chronicles”.
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