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Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 2

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Genre and what to do:
   Logic puzzle. Welcome to Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 2 that invites players to switch on their brain and try to solve 300 original logic puzzles. The task is to clear all multicolored blocks from the board by clicking on a group of three or more adjacent blocks of the same color. When you click on a group of blocks they disappear from the board and upper blocks collapse on their place. You need to clear the board with the least possible moves in order to earn more points. There are six special pieces that appear as you advance in the game. In addition to that there is unique hint power-up that shows the way of solution ( if you are able to remember it of course ). You can choose any page from the gallery but one puzzle on every page is locked and you are to solve all other puzzles on a page to unlock it. As you advance in the game, puzzles become much complicated that makes game play much interesting and challenging.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
   Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 2 is a captivating game that brings tons of fun and develops logical thinking and visual memory. It features colorful detailed graphics, standard sound effects and pleasant instrumental music. The highlight of the game is variety of layouts such as stick people holding hands, a frog perched on a lily pad, a jazz musician, the Statue of Liberty, a San Francisco cable car and many others. All in all, in spite of extreme similarity with the original game, Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 2 is the highly polished game that will be interesting for those players, who like to use their brains.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Gamehouse
ESRB Ratio: Everyone

Extras and features:
Colorful Detailed Graphics
300 New Logic Puzzles
Six Unique Power-ups
Global High Score List
The game is very similar to its predecessor

Requirements: OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista Memory: 128 MB DirectX: 7.0 or later CPU: P800 Video: 16-bit Graphics and Sound Card

Alternative names: Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery II, Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery Two, Super Colapse! Puzzle Gallery 2, SuperCollapse! Puzzle Gallery 2, Spuer Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 2, SuperCollapse!PuzzleGallery2.

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