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Genre and what to do:
   Trivia game. Wheel of Fortune 2 is an exciting game based on popular TV show. It offers you to take part in the famous in comfort of your home. It is a word game, where you spin a wheel that stops on a dollar value and guess a consonant from the alphabet. If the letter appears in the word or a phrase, you're supposed to guess, it is turned around so you can see it, and you receive that dollar amount for each time. You can then spin again, buy a vowel or try and guess the phrase. Be beware, the wheel may land on the sections: "Bankrupt" or "Lose your Turn" if you choose to spin again. The object of the game is to solve the puzzle before your opponents, and make as much money as you can. Two new features, however, make this sequel a fun diversion for followers of the TV show. For one, along with the solo and head-to-head modes on the same PC, you can also play against other virtual contestants in the Road Trip mode, which takes place in various cities across the U.S., such as New York, Washington, D.C., Nashville and New Orleans. Each city has a relevant photo in the background (such as the Golden Gate Bridge for San Francisco) and some words or phrases related to that city.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
   Wheel of Fortune 2 is a captivating game that brings tons of fun and help to develop logical thinking. It features high quality graphics, diverse sound effects and suitable instrumental music. As for graphics, it is well done and rendered; characters are highly customizable and animated realistically. You surely like their gestures and behavior, when they win or lose. You can customize any character selecting gender, skin color, hair color, hair style, clothing, facial hair and glasses. Another neat feature is the ability to earn trophies while playing - if you play well you can win up to 36 trophies that include "Biggest Bucks" (win $70,000 in a single game), "Bonafide 5 Play" (win the bonus round five times) or "Gameplay Captain" (play for 25 hours), etc. The spinning wheel and letter board look just like the television show, plus the sound effects are pleasantly authentic, as well. Unfortunately, there are no Vanna and Pat, who make the game much original and realistic. All in all, despite of new interesting features, namely the Road Trip mode and trophies, Wheel of Fortune 2 isn't really different than its predecessor. Yes, it's still fun to play, especially for fans of the show, but it would be much better with Vanna and Pat, spoken words and a multiplayer mode via the Net for friends to play when living in different cities.

Offline gameplay: 1-3 players
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Real Arcade
ESRB Ratio: Everyone

Extras and features:
High Quality Detailed Graphics
Over 2000 Puzzles to Solve
Play Alone or Challenge Two Friends
Unique Trophies and Badges
There is no multiplayer mode

Requirements: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows Vista

Alternative names: WheelofFortune 2, Wheel of Fortune II, Wheel of Fortune Two, Weel of Fortune 2

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