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JEOPARDY! 2Player's Award

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Genre and what to do:
Quiz/ Trivia game. Do you want to take part in America's Favorite Quiz Show without leaving your home? JEOPARDY! 2 gives you unique possibility to test your trivia knowledge just like on TV! Select a category and a dollar amount to reveal the hidden clue. Come up with the correct response and you earn money; otherwise, your virtual bank will take a hit. Unlike the TV show, where 3 rivals compete in mental supremacy, the game offers you to try three game modes: Play Alone, Group Play and Daily Clue. If you select to Play Alone, you provide the question to as many clues as you can, opting to skip those you might not know and wagering what you wish on the Daily Doubles. The general structure follows the show, with six categories appearing on the board and five dollar amounts appearing under each category. The answer is shown first along with the option to respond or pass; if you choose to respond, you're given four clues from which to select. Get it right, and you earn the dollar value for that clue; get it wrong, and you lose that amount. As on the show, expect an easy round containing one Daily Double and less prize money first, then a harder round with two Daily Doubles and twice as much prize money and then Final Jeopardy. Group Play can be performed against the computer or up to two other human contestants. For computer-controlled opponents, you can select from three difficulties ranging from easy to hard. If you play against human opponents, all the players can create their own avatar selecting gender, skin color, hair color, etc. Each human contestant has his or her own key for ringing in. And finally, Daily Clue is the most intriguing, to my mind. Going back as far as Aug. 2, 2007 and jumping as far ahead as Aug. 1, 2010, each day has its own clue. While you can tackle any of the past clues as well as the one for the current day, you've got to wait to attempt the clues for future dates. That gives me a little over a year to brush up on my knowledge of world soups in preparation for the Sept. 24, 2008 clue.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
Jeopardy! 2 is the exciting sequel of the original game that features colorful 3D characters who share a library of victory animations and the same responses to the agony of defeat. In terms of content, though, Jeopardy 2 is on par with the first game, offering over 3,000 new clues. That's enough for around 100 games before seeing an answer repeated. While you'll hear the popular theme song along with familiar sound effects, without Trebek providing commentary and Johnny Gilbert's famous tagline at the beginning, something fundamental is lost. As for interface, it needs improvements in the field of explaining how to play the game. While instructions are provided, they're offered without visual aids as a selection available from the main menu. From there, you're on your own, as there's no textual help elsewhere. All in all, regardless of above mentioned remarks, Jeopardy! 2 is the worth-playing version of the celebrated quiz show, due to similar rules and general format, as well as tons of well written clues.

Offline gameplay: 1-3 Players
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Real Arcade
ESRB Ratio: Everyone

Extras and features:
· Three Game Modes: Play Alone, Group Play and Daily Clue.
· Over 3000 Clues
· Play Alone or Challenge the PC or Friends and Family in Group Play
· New Daily Clue Game
· Earn In-Game Badges and Trophies
· The tutorial lacks information.

Requirements: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista / 900 MHz / 128MB RAM / DirectX 7.0


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