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18 Wheels of Steel - Across AmericaPlayer's Award

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Genre and what to do:
A True trucking simulation with management elements. You drive across the inner highways and city roads of 48 States trying to get cargoes faster than your competitors do. Build your own truck business empire. 

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
This 3D Race Simulation maximally approaches you to the atmosphere of a real truck driver as well as a truck business tycoon. You should keep in mind that driving fast is not enough to being successful businessman. You should be careful running smooth taking into account speed traps, weather conditions, fuel troubles and tricky loading docks that require pinpoint precision as well. 

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: ValuSoft
ESRB Ratio: Everyone (6+)

Extras and features:
· 15 different trucks which you can drive with the speed up to 80mph
· More than 30 different types of cargo across 1000 miles of highways from the 48 states

Requirements: Windows 98/ME/XP Pentium III 700 MHz or 100% compatible processor 256 MB RAM 16 MB 3D Video Accelera ,  Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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You are a truck commerce tycoon. Rule your truck commerce well to be on the top.Crazy 4WD racing action.Face off opposite to 4 vicious AI opponents in this intense three-dimensional drYou'll be working overtime in the Monster Garage to acquire the job done.The Track is Back! Capturing the exact past knoweledge of competition!
.player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
jade could someone send me the activation code plz. email is 23.06.11
budda hae can sum1 plz send me activation code for 18 wos across ameica plz would really aprieciate it:):):):):) 13.10.09
dave i don't have a credit card can someone send me an activation code please! here is my e-mail( 03.10.09
contry boy i love 18 whellers cuz they rock my socks and i like pulling tankers there awsome 08.09.07
bullmt 18wos: aa is cool! I have tried convoy and pttm also but aa is the best for use with the steering wheel as convoy is laggy and pttm is generally very sensetive with steering 14.03.07
yo This game was probaly one of the best games ever 13.02.07
Derek P Diddy hey yo just wondering i do want what everybody else wants an also i do wish the dimo would let you play if as long as you wanted and do what ever you wanted with out buying the darn game. and the reason that i didnt swear is caz their might be kids reading this and i dont want them to know any of these bad words. well thanks for doing that or tring but yea latta playas 07.02.07
the lorts i download free how long time cna i play the free? 13.12.06
Nick U could do wiv better games but the ones you have got are still brill! thanks 16.07.06
Lewis the demo takes to long to download 09.05.06
maureen its really good since i say where my city is except they should add more fricking minutes 27.04.06
stewiegriffin I like it due to the fact that it resembals interstates and canadian highways! 08.04.06
cabovercmk if yall r talking about aa- i own it- it may have bad graphics, but hey, i like it better then my convoy game! it has good cabovers too... cabovercmk 04.04.06
oniono I would not buy online again. To complicated to install. 24.11.05
a guy180 WE NEED WAY MORE TIME N FACT WE NEED UNLIMTED TIME! not afer a hour off thing but UNLIMITED! 27.10.05
Gerald Its a good game, but dont buy it off the site u'll get it at store for alot cheaper! 20.02.05
Andrew plz dont make the same mistake i made across america is the old version the one u want is petal to the metal it has many more and better features! 05.01.05
fairbank coolest game on the face of the earth 29.11.04
Guest is there any site u can get a demo more than 1hr.? 20.10.04
RK Its much better than others of this type, great graphics for a pc game, need more levels of play though, i rate it 4 **** stars. 04.10.04
maddy thats a nice i love try again and again 03.10.04
reptiLe This game - 18 wheels - r better !! 28.09.04
T MUST... PLAY... GAME 11.08.04
adi boy this game is well mint the best pc game i have playsed i think u could do wid a bit more time like but who needs that if u are gd at the game like i am lol 09.08.04
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