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Genre and what to do:
Welcome to some kind of .skilful hands. circle. Paraphrasing well-known proverb .After the feast comes the reckoning. I would replace the word .after. by the word .before.. So if you want a fast drive you should prove your wrenching skills first. Create your own high-speed street monster choosing from hundreds of parts in 1000 of combinations. Take your baby out to the tracks and let everybody know who is the fastest over there. Your awards for wins will be fame and cash which you will be able to spend on upgrades. Just be the best!! And you can gain it by yourself in Rod Hot.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
Hot Rod American Drag Race is a drag race simulator that gives you a great competition atmosphere in made by yourself car and surrounding which also allowed to create.

Offline gameplay: Unknown
Multiplayer: Unknown
Publisher: ValuSoft
ESRB Ratio: Everyone (6+)

Extras and features:
  Extras and features:
a) Select from 20 cars of legendary style, hand picked by the editors of Hot Rod Magazine.
b) Possibility to build street roads of your imagination with custom paint jobs and extraordinary pics.
c) Join a racing championship with a plenty of different engines, running gears, body parts and of course the father of speed nitro boosters.
d) Be always on top to win a heap of money and fame by getting to the virtual cover of Rod Hot Magazine

Requirements: Windows 98/Me/XP Pentium II 400 MHz or compatible processor 128 MB RAM 375 MB free hard disk space 1 ,  Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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You are a truck commerce tycoon. Rule your truck commerce well to be on the top.Drive across a realistic depiction of Europe, visit its comely cities...You'll be working overtime in the Monster Garage to acquire the job done.The Track is Back! Capturing the exact past knoweledge of competition!Race at speeds above 140 MPH on dirt, on the proving grounds for today's top...
.player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
Terry crap game, even i could make a bettah game than that loolz 15.10.05
insomniacshotrods I had a hard time getting into this,because i used to play burnout /and pce burnout,and burnout import drag racing .it was so sweet ,could change the cam,heads,stroke and bore config. even how many cylinders.tranny gears,stahl speed,rear gears ,shocks,tires,pressure ,size,compound.It was the best sim of drag racing ive found yet personal opinion.Dont know why they dont make more like this....but with motorcycles ..also you could choose gas type and nitrous,import racing had blowers and turbos,I had a motor making over 7000 hp but couldnt get traction....have a good one fellow drag racing gamers 24.08.05
marcos algun copado me puede decir q son las combinaciones para mejor tiempo??? gracias 28.07.05
hotrodey good point Big al, this game is the best dragracing game ever! 23.06.05
hotrodey it's the best drag-racing game ever made and i say this because i'm totaly crazy about hotrods and musclecars!:) 23.06.05
ButtMonkey If you have a newer computer and aren't a hardcore gamer, get this game! Otherwise, step up Garage to Glory. 09.02.05
nittomotorhead69 if you want a real drag racing game on-line go to nitto 1320 challenge its the hottest around 06.12.04
tapa tapa tapa It's an ok game, but NOTHING has topped my list since motor city online came out and shut down.:( If anyone finds a good ONLINE RACING game..plz let me know. 02.11.04
DEADSKULL hey i'm a real fan of this game but unfortunately i can't have it , because i'm in romania, when will this game can be bought from my country? please tell me ! 23.09.04
Matt That is the best hot rodding game I've ever played I would rat this game a ten out of 10 23.08.04
Big Al Incredible game truly. I don't know what problems you guys above are having, have you tried setting up the controller settings in the options menu? I must say that this game is great relief for hot-rodding enthusiasts who are financially challenged (like myself, being 14) The only problem is, it is nearly impossible to find a box version in Canada :'( 09.07.04
TwIzTiD JuGgAlEtTe this game is awesome if you know HOW TO USE IT! 24.06.04
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