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Let's Ride: Corral ClubPlayer's Award

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Genre and what to do:
 Here is a horse racing simulator for your computer. If you've ever dreamt about your own horse this game is exactly what you need. So choose a horse you like and pick out comfortable outfits. It won't be polite of you if to forget about your character she also wants to be good-looking. Choose some clothes for her and direct your horse's steps to the training corral just to perfect your skills in riding. Then if you think you are ready to take part in the competition get qualifications beginning from the local events and through the regional, county, state, and finally national competitions 

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
A smoothly looking horse race simulator. In Let's Ride: Corral Club you'll find all about horse racings starting with choosing your horse, its outfits and beautiful training corral to crowded race tracks. 

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: Unknown
Publisher: Valusoft
ESRB Ratio: Everyone (6+)

Extras and features:
· Choose your horse from 12 beautiful horse breeds
· Qualify for the regional, county, state, and national competitions
· Share pictures of you and your horse with your friends

Requirements: Processor: PIII 700 MHz DirectX 9.0 256 MB RAM Free hard drive space: 32 MB Video C ,  Windows 98/Me/XP

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.player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
Harliee Maria .i have saddle up awesome game but im stuck at one part 28.12.07
Alondra i am about to get this on can anyone tell me what you do? 18.06.07
tj you guys are strange i love horses i have 6 of them but a game why play a game when you could be out riding? 31.03.07
Alyssa May how do you play the game online? it says you can but how do you do it? 23.02.07
pony luver i think this games is so good but you need more time to play it. you should also create another game like his. 22.01.07
jess dnt you mean saddle up time to ride yea dat is a good game and dis is a good game to im downloading it now 18.01.07
Horse Rider for Life!!:D Its a good game but you need to play something else after a while, I reccomend Saddle Up! I found this game very good! 07.01.07
Harley omg i love horses and i always ride so i downloaded this game a i learned how to fix what i do wrong when i run the barrel's so much fun yall have to make a 2cd game like this luv,Harley 19.12.06
ello! It needs a longer demo version. I couldnt get the feel for the game really, so I dont think I am going to buy it now. Needs longer than 15 minutes! 16.12.06
Horselover2121 I got this game for Christmas and I love it SO MUCH! It is awesome! I LOVE HORSES! 30.11.06
martyna excuse me, I want to have a demonstration vesion of this game. A trial game is to short;) Know you where is it??:) 12.11.06
rowdy this game is a really good game but i think that the game demo should at least be 1 hour to now if you want to buy it or not. 23.07.06
Horse LOver This game is wikid but make the demo ever lasting plzzzzzzzz 24.06.06
Horseridengal its not as good as lets ride rosemond hill. 22.06.06
*Rusty* This is a great game, I tried downloading the demo again after the time limit expired, but it wouldn't let me. I would strongly recomend this game to horse and animal lovers alike. Needs more things to do, and thats about all. have fun Horsing around! *Rusty* 11.06.06
Horses are great how long is da demo? 09.06.06
queens15 I have saddle up, its areally good game. Its easy to beat, but worth the money I spent on it. 07.06.06
Alexandra Hey ! I'm from poland and i love horses ! I want to buy this game, but i don't know how? If i'll buy Corral Club they bring me a CD to Poland? Or by internet??? Please help me! For 2 years I want to buy it! demo is only 15 minutes ... ;/ 21.05.06
me I love this game! I live in a town so I don't have room 4 a horse! This is second best! 05.05.06
neigh neigh wuver!! wat do ya do if u have bought tha game n uve already payed for it but while it was downloading it stopped? 02.05.06
maddi it s good but its to bad u could not download the full version of it 25.04.06
Junior-madsen It a very good game, but the demo is to short.... 18.02.06
i luv mickey I luv the game but like other people say its needs more to it like trailriding and more shows n stuff 02.02.06
barrelracer This game is crappy, you can't do anything. 15.01.06
pintopony to go around the barrel fast you gallop to the barrel, then when you get there hold down either the left or right arrow(depends on which way you are going) and the down arrow to make a shaper turn 28.12.05
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