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Monster Garage

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Genre and what to do:
The Monster Garage on your computer is a twin brother of The Monster Garage show on The Discovery Channel. If you have ever watched this show you know what the plot is about. For those who haven.t seen the show I.d like to assure that it.s as interesting as simple to play The Monster Garage on your PC. So as it goes in the show a team of specialists is given some sort of odd at first sight tasks such as to convert Porsche into a golf ball retriever. So the team is given the task, 3000$ of cash and a week to cope with it. It is allowed to sell unused parts in order to earn an additional amount. Every challenge is divided into four phases: design, construction, decoration and trial. First 2 . 6 days are spent on splitting and chopping vehicle up, buying materials, disassembling and assembling parts and attaching parts to the mechanism you are to make. Every action takes definite space of time. After six days rummaging in all the pieces of iron and black oil your .MONSTERpiece. is ready to try and than challenge is complete.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
As it was said above Monster Garage is a TV show simulator. The atmosphere of the game should correspond to the atmosphere of the show but unfortunately it doesn.t because of lack of TV intrigue and team members. interaction may be. But it gives you an interesting atmosphere of working at unusual garage while coping with queer tasks. Every challenge captures you and you won.t give it up at the middle.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Activision
ESRB Ratio: Everyone (6+)

Extras and features:
a) TV series looking-like game.
b) 7 interesting tasks
c) A lot of ways to approach each mission
d) About 100s of individual parts at your disposal
e) Test your monster creation in a real-world situational equivalent

Requirements: Processor: PIII 500 MHz Directx 9.0b 128 MB RAM Free hard drive space: 700 MB Video ,  Windows 98/98SE

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.player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
tokiocar try beating this,1 second do download downloader 05.07.12
tokiocar .yea,it's just 2 levels to play :( 05.07.12
jesse j fuckin hell it says 4hrs left :[ ! 17.10.11
yo moma to long to install 03.06.09
Me Lmao it takes you all that long damn it took me 4 minutes lmao! buy a expensive computer expect amazing performance 23.04.08
hotrods .hey for the demo how do you change the engine bay frame to fit the rock crawler from the suv 11.09.07
someone ya mate u tried taking da windows out 03.07.07
kioko mine took 12 seconds to download beat that 30.06.07
garageguru it took over 2 hours to download which i think is to long but i didnt car as i was watching the real thing at the same time. whilst i am writing this it is only at 82% and saying it is going to take another 25 minutes to finish. 05.04.07
jgjman Hi is this a trial as in you get to play for about and hour or 2? 07.01.07
some kid dud its the best game ever just see if u can get it to load faster 25.12.06
shane it only took me 50 seconds to download it beat that. 12.12.06
zachary man this sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt game only tought 15 min to downlaod an i only got dailup and dailup is slow 06.11.06
drivers wanted to open the right click on the doors. 14.09.06
Xcheater i delete this god damn demo version. all i did was i left it to download then i check the resume when computer restarts then now i try, cannot start it and delete it.somebody help me 23.08.06
scott harwood it's gonna take me 2 days to download it hell no 30.07.06
richard it took 5 mins to download beat that 26.06.06
hi it was going to take 27 hours and i dont have hi speed net 24.06.06
rich4rd it took 1 min to download beat that 24.06.06
mike hey, i cant beat the 1st level. i do evrythin to the bronco(suspension, axles, modify body parts, roll cage, suspension frame, new motor, all that stuff) but when i test it(while in the garage) itll ren everything but even when i change gears it wont move, so it never gets counted as finishing. any tips/ cheats i can use 2 beat the level?? thx 18.06.06
Comcast manager paul If you get comcast, you will be able to download the demo as fast as 3 minutes! mwahahahaha 13.06.06
popkorn_playa_4life it wasn't that slow you guys jus need to get a faster conection 09.06.06
granny Thuckin hell this freakin game is going to take over 5 hours to download too looooooooooooooooonng 24.02.06
ME RJ Phalen wat the hell are you talking it takes tooo damn long 17.02.06
Sum dude On the second level there are no Aliminium weels! 16.02.06
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