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Commandos - Beyond the Call of DutyPlayer's Award

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Rate: 76% /100 Price: $699   Read full Commandos - Beyond the Call of Duty reviews

Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
Real-time strategy game. Commandos - Beyond the Call of Duty is one more game in the Commando series, which put you in the control of an Allied Special Forces squad working behind the enemy lines during World War II. The game follows pretty much the same track as the original one, but at the same time adds lots of novelties to the gameplay and storyline itself. You will find the entire cast from the original game, including: Duke the sniper, Tiny the Green Beret, Inferno the sapper and the rest. You will notice that the game adds several new skills, actions and items to the arsenal. The events of the game take place during World War II in Europe. Most of the events are during the close of the war and the push into Berlin. The players will go through eight huge missions full of numerous soldiers, detailed maps, and different kinds of weapons. You will face different kinds of tasks; most of them are harder than in the original game. If you are a fan of multiplayer mode, you will enjoy playing against 6 other players online.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
You will not find lots of improvements in the missions representation Commandos - Beyond the Call of Duty since the original game. Of course you will find some extra little details which are nice, but they are not numerous. Most of the backgrounds are rendered in a good way. The sound system plays an important role with its varied audio effects as well as suitably selected background music. All in all, the game is extremely difficult and challenging even on the easy level, but once you find out how to win the mission, you will have no difficulties to finish the whole game.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: Yes
Publisher: Kalypso Media
ESRB Ratio: Teen

Extras and features:
· New Skills and Items in the Arsenal
· 8 Huge Missions
· Challenging Puzzles
· Up to 6 Players in Multiplayer
· Detailed Tutorial Mode
· Detailed Tutorial Mode

Requirements: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista,Processor: Pentium 266 MHz,DirectX 6.0,32 MB RAM,Free hard drive space: 280 MB,SVGA 16MB DirectX 6.0,DirectX-compliant Sound Card

Alternative names: Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty, Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty, Commandos - Biyond the Call of Duty

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