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Tom Clancy's EndWar

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Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
Real time strategy. The units themselves are products of EndWar's World War III setting. In the game's version of near-future events, The United States, Russia, and a unified Europe have become superpowers, and the US plans to launch a military space station to tip the worldwide balance of power in its favor. Unfortunately, terrorists destroy the station upon liftoff, thereby igniting global conflict. Yet as interesting and far-fetched as the setting is, it's mostly backdrop. The campaign is just a series of battles against the AI that emulates EndWar's main multiplayer mode, so don't expect much exposition, larger-than-life personalities, or political intricacies. You can play as any of the three factions. Choose your country and begin the battle!

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
War always brings only bad fellings, but not the War for the peace of the planet. There are four main mission types: assault, conquest, siege, and raid. Assault is the simplest, while in Raid, you must either destroy or defend certain buildings on the map to achieve victory. Conquest is the most interesting mode, taking its cues from the Battlefield games in addition to EndWar's closest RTS cousin, World in Conflict. Here, you must use infantry to capture control points, called uplinks, scattered across the map while fending off the enemy and sabotaging their attempts to do the same. Siege battles are much less common than other types and involve an assaulting player attempting to capture a critical uplink while the defending player struggles to maintain control of it. Textures are bland, while lighting, shadows, and other aspects are simply average, so even with all settings turned up, the quality of the visuals doesn't seem to justify the relatively high system requirements. The rapid zoom of the camera when you move in and out of this mode and from one unit to the next, however, is slick. Game.s voice command mechanic makes it unique among strategy games, and it's this innovation that stands out above all of its other features.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: Yes
Publisher: Ubisoft
ESRB Ratio: Teen

Extras and features:
· Stunning Graphics
· Smooth Multiplayer Support
· Innovative Voice Command Mechanic
· All three factions are played in the same way.

Requirements: Windows XP/Vista,Processor: 1.9 GHz,DirectX 9.0c,1 GB RAM,Free hard drive space: 12 GB,256 VRAM DirectX 9.0,DirectX-compliant Sound Card

Alternative names: Tom Clanci's EndWar, Tommy Clancy's EndWar, Tom Clancy's Ending War, Tom Clancy's EndWor.

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