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Rate: 86%
    Purchase SEAWAR: THE BATTLESHIP 2 game   Free demo of SEAWAR: THE BATTLESHIP 2 game
3D explosions, smoke effects, head to head and network play.
Full LIVE BILLIARDS 2 review
Rate: 86%
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Most known pool games collection. 3D physics, network play.
Full REVERSI 3D review
Rate: 86%
    Purchase REVERSI 3D game   Free demo of REVERSI 3D game
This is a reversi game in 3d. It peculiarities excellent artwork, a smart oppon

YAHTZEE   Player's Award

Full YAHTZEE review
Rate: 86%
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The final path to shake and score! Yahtzee!
Full DON'T GET ANGRY! 2 review
Rate: 86%
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Finally they're back! It's the sequel of the nearly fairly successful digital bo

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Reversi 3d

15.12.05 76% 1.01 mb
This is a reversi game in 3d. It peculiarities excellent artwork, a smart oppon

Smart Reversi

08.09.03 54% 1.06 mb
Very invigorative table game for all ages. Many maps and skins to select from.

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That way is evidence that Reversi game was initial published in Britain in 1870 below the nomen "Annexation, Annex, and Takeover" (probably a game invented greatly earlier, only the documentary evidence does not a bit exist). Near initial, game was gamed on a cross shaped table and 8x8 square table was used. The greatly initial official regulations of Reversi were printed on Aug. 21, 1886. The game was not a bit greatly well known until the spring of 1888, when Walter H. Peel wrote regarding her sequences of articles in the London newspaper "Queen” that specialized in "things that might have lady interested in." In August 1888, these articles have been collected and published in the "Manuscripts of Reversi. The book was sold to us swimmer Johnson and his son, onward with a variant of the game. In 1889, by John W. Mollett was released book, "Reversi and Move Bang," written below the pseudonym Peel, (W.H.)], "Berkeley”. In 1896 was the initial attempt to originate a textbook on the reverse. It was near this time in the U.S. was released book Alice Howard Cady, "Reversi", where the basic principles of struggle. In the U.S., Reversi sold below a few calls. In "Captivating encyclopedia EO Harbin, published in 1940 in Fresh York, wrote that the game is" Fan Man "(Fah-Mein), as well known in the 20's - 30's as a" Chinese Companions " has Chinese roots. Regarding the English origin was already forgotten and Chinese checkers used near that time greatly well known, and that's credited with during gameplay the Chinese motherland. In 1938, a shape of "Royal Reversi" was published below the nomen "Chameleon". Everywhere 1960 Reversi sold below the nomen anything similar to Las Vegas. Exactly in the UK in 1965 it was known as "Exit", and later as "Chan Rieshen. In Italy, Reversi was well known below the calls "Ribalton", "Rivaskino" and "Reversino. In Russia, Reversi sold in the 80's in a decent magnetic bundled with the game squaring, as in the Baltic states issued a number of game Polusalto. The game enjoyed striking popularity, only was later forgotten. Revived it in Japan (Goro Hasegawa), where she was in 1971 below the nomen "Othello" (in honor of Shakespeare's avatar) has afresh transform well known.
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