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Genre and what to do:
    The action takes place on the planet Revion Prime, inhabited by various monsters. The player takes on the role of a space engineer, assigned to investigate a calamitous disaster on a board of a space station. The player landed on the planet to collect Dolmens - unique and very valuable crystals that can blur the boundaries between worlds. Also, Dolmen pieces can be used to respawn bosses, to farm for crafting materials from those, and also Nanites. Both Dolmen crystals and Nanites disappear when the player dies, they should be used at every visit to the station, especially when entering more challenging areas. They must be brought to the station so that they can be examined.

    Dolmen's lore and gameplay have a horrific element, meaning that tension grows exponentially as the monsters become tougher and much better at hiding. The gameplay process is to exterminate monsters and other fauna representatives. Events take place not only in the narrow corridors of dilapidated complexes but also in more spacious wastelands and mountainous areas. It is necessary to collect records telling about what happened to the indigenous population of Revion Prime, from which it follows that the Dolmens are to blame for everything. Occasionally there are rare survivors. As a reward for the rescue, they share valuable materials. It is necessary to periodically listen to the instructions and explanations of the leaders and other members of the expedition remaining on the ship.

    Dolmen is a Soulslike action RPG, but the lore is happening in a fictional sci-fi world. Yj [cold weapons, blades, and axes, also included. Ranged weapons present as pistols, machine guns, etc. And elemental damage of each weapon needs to be considered, so gear needs to be changed because of high resistances, depending on the area player is in. Beacons that allow you to teleport to a ship, or move between other beacons. To open the doors, you need to activate the terminals and avoid flying traps and other dangerous items that can quickly kill the character. Instead of souls, in Dolmen, we collect nanites that drop out of defeated enemies, for which we pump characteristics on the ship, in a special chamber - strength, agility, energy, dexterity, physique, and knowledge.

    Almost every class has its class-specific parameters. For a shooter, for example, it is energy, agility, and knowledge, and for a fighter, it is stamina and physique. The bounty hunter is most focused on frequent attacks and evasion. Therefore, not only stamina is important for him, but also strength and agility, which increase weapon damage. There is also a hybrid dependent on the bonuses of the armor set. And the class is a Recruit recruit that has no bonuses at all, and it results in the most difficult playthrough because there are no stat buffs, and this character class starts with the weakest gear. This class is for those who want to achieve everything by kiting and cunning - all of the Recruit's weapons deal ice damage, but the enemies in the first half of the game are weakest against poison or fire damage.

    The math of battles includes not only physical damage but also types of magic. RPG's classic damage scoring system. Most enemies have resistances and vulnerabilities to one of the types of damage - fire, ice, or acid. You can check this when fighting them. It's better to create, wear, and change, if necessary, weapons with different types of elemental damage. Sometimes you need to use firearms, alternating between melee and ranged combat, or opponents are poured with acid or frozen. It is important to support your resistance to elemental magic. Energy is the third vital resource besides health and stamina. The energy powers the suit, haha ??- Half-Life 2? Energy is restored by power cells. This is a universal resource that allows you to heal, shoot, replacing ammunition. And it also allows you to activate an energy one, in which you can fight for longer, even if your stamina has run out. Health is not consumed in this mode, and additional elemental damage is inflicted on enemies.

    Getting new armor/weapon on the ship is reminiscent of the Mass Effect series. What kind of outfit you want to create on the ship and try on your character depends on the further style of the game. Most of the things, namely armor items, and not weapons, have requirements for the value of a particular characteristic. And all these gloves, boots, helmets, and armor also belong to one of the five classes - Tanker, Hybrid, Recruit, Sharpshooter, or Bounty Hunter. Three branches of perks are given: human - shooting and energy balance, revian - health and endurance, driller hard worker - protection and resistance. This allows you to get more nanites for killing enemies, and also increases the effectiveness of beaming.

    The more items from one set on the character, the deeper he can get skills from this branch and receive bonuses from it. For example, if the character is wearing all human equipment, but the boots are Revian. This will allow you to get bonuses from both branches. And if the Sharpshooter class has enough materials to create an item belonging to a non-core branch, and for this, it was necessary to pump the same non-core stamina and physique, the character will still become stronger, and there are no extra skills in any of the branches. This allows you to flexibly customize the general characteristics of the character.

    Switching between melee or ranged weapons, using batteries, and overall control is not very convenient. During recharging, the character is completely defenseless, and it can be interrupted by any infliction of damage. This is also training. It is useful to study the tactics and behavior of enemies, not only to understand how and when it is better to attack them but also to have time to recharge your batteries. Dolmen has a lot to criticize - including the fact that some control points are located far from the bosses, forcing you to run for a long time through empty areas. The energy system brings freshness and even adds depth to the usual Souls-like fights.

    In general, Dolmen stands out for its emphasis on crafting - crafting armor, players need to consider what resistances they need and what perks they want to use. As the game progresses, more and more interesting recipes open up. Creating things is convenient - you just need to get more and more dolmens and nanites. Artifacts can be inserted into almost all items. They give additional bonuses to defense and resistance, increase damage or attack speed, and so on. These and other crafting materials not only drop from enemies and bosses but are also cleverly hidden in the terrain. Since there are often not enough of them, the search for resources stimulates not only to run through the storyline but also to explore the world around the player.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
Dolmen is a Soulslike action RPG, in a fictional sci-fi world.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Massive Work Studio
ESRB Ratio: T:16+

Extras and features:

Requirements: OS: Windows 10, CPU: 3GHz+, Video: AMD R7 200 series, GeForce GTX 500 series, RAM: 8 GB, DirectX: 10, Hard Drive: 20 GB

Alternative names: .

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