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Mr. Robot

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Rate: 51% /100 Price: $1995   Buy Mr. Robot for Windows   Download demo Mr. Robot

Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
   Puzzle/RPG. Assume a role of a robot, named Asimov, who is a member of the crew of a huge spacecraft Eidolon that transfers human researchers to Prime, an earth-class planet. The human beings have been in sleep for months as the robots work to keep the ship running and the researches alive. But something has gone wrong with the Eidolon.s computer and Asimov is chosen to save the expedition. Be ready to explore the spaceship, avoid traps and enemy robots, fulfill important assignments and solve puzzles. The majority of the puzzles challenge you to arrange crates so to build pathways through a room, or to block off certain types of robots or to activate certain switches. It is vitally important to collect energon, bits of energy that are scattered throughout the ship and can be used to either replenish Asimov's health, stock up energy to gain extra lives (this is automatically done if Asimov has fewer than three lives), or to be stored as cash (automatically done if health and lives are full). Collection of items like this is tracked in the gamer's profile and helps to earn them points and trophies, which can be displayed on the game's live leader board. As for combat, it is turn-based and proceeds in the following way: you equip items and use programs to cast "spells" on enemy and friendly units. Once the critical computer node has been cleaned of enemies, the level will be complete and the gamer pulled out of the hacking mode and back into the world of platform.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
   Mr. Robot is a captivating game that is unique mixture of puzzle solving and RPG. It features colorful detailed graphics, diverse sound effects and suitable electronic music. As for graphics, Mr. Robot looks great; the robots and environments are all nicely detailed and well rendered. All the locations are rich and highly polished, so you surely won.t be disappointed with visuals. Sound effects, as well as graphics, are done professionally; it never sounds primitive or repetitive. There is quite interesting story that make game play much captivating. All in all, Mr. Robot is the highly polished and fun game that should appeal to wide range of players.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Zero G Games
ESRB Ratio: Everyone

Extras and features:
Stunning Graphics
Tons of Puzzles to Solve
Captivating Storyline
Unique Combat System
Isometric camera view

Requirements: OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista Memory: 256 MB DirectX: 9.0c or later CPU: P3 800 Video: 32MB 3D accelerated video card

Alternative names: MrRobot, Robot, Mr. Robots

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