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Genre and what to do:
    To search for bosses, the player first needs to create a Blood Altar. This is the construction in the castle, which uses an ethereal trail to track them. Constructions blueprints will be available after the Getting Ready for the Hunt quest has been completed. To complete the quest, you need to build a Sawmill and a Simple Workbench, and use them. And also improve the quality of equipment to level 16+, so as not to be torn to pieces by the very first bosses. After obtaining the recipe for a Blood Altar, the required resources will be visible: 180 Stones and 10 Blood Essences. You need to get them by mining and killing mobs in the open world.

    Alpha Wolf

    Boss level: 16

    New ability for player: Wolf Form power.

    Whereabouts: Farbane Woods, spawns in one of Wolf Dens.

    Alpha Wolf is the easiest boss on the list, before the fight with him, the hero must reach level 16. Or maybe on the 17th, and create better weapons/armor. Or maybe start the fight yourself, and when the health is less than 50%, the other player will help finish him off. Alpha Wolf's attacks are monotonous, and the combat is quite primitive. You need to try to dodge powerful bites that do a lot of damage. Stock up on health recovery potions - they can help you if you inadvertently miss a critical bite.

    Rufus the Foreman

    Boss level: 20

    New ability for player: Blood Rage power, Woodworking Benchstructure, Traveler's Wrap recipe, Empty Canteen recipe, Leather recipe

    Whereabouts: Bandit Logging Camp, southwest Farbane Woods

    For lightly armed players, Rufus the Foreman will be a difficult opponent, perhaps a couple of other players will not interfere. The boss uses ranged weapons with a Fire bonus to damage, allowing him to deal massive damage from a distance. He also throws nets sometimes on the player. Because of this, you'll need to constantly use one of Dash's abilities, which will help you dodge the killer attacks of Rufus the Foreman. The boss is located in the camp, next to which there are third-party NPCs. Try to move carefully so as not to attract their attention, or shoot a couple to fight the boss one on one.

    Errol the Stonebreaker

    Boss level: 20

    New ability for player: Aftershock power, Big Stashstructure

    Whereabouts: Bandit Copper Mine, southwest Farbane Woods.

    You can find Errol the Stonebreaker in the mine, at the center-east of Farbane Woods. During combat, you need to dodge his deadly blows, stay away from him when he does whirl, and even when you're at some distance, he has some kind of magical arrow spell. As you might guess, this boss is dangerous in both melee and ranged combat, but the animations of the boss's attacks are long and monotonous, so you can easily predict them, which will allow you to dodge in time. Errol the Stonebreaker has a large amount of health, which can cause the fight to drag on. Be careful in battle so that potions, etc. are enough for the battle.

    Keely the Frost Archer

    Boss level: 20

    New ability for player: Frost Bat power, Tannerystructure

    Whereabouts: northwest Farbane Woods, Trapper Camp.

    Keely the Frost Archer is capable of firing frost projectiles. The woman has two skills: a scattered strike, in which she directs several arrows at the same time, as well as a powerful AOE attack. Since Keely the Frost Archer is in the camp, sometimes her assistants will take part in the battle. Try to kite her into some hut and kill solo asap. To simplify the fight, you can play with a friend who will kill third-party enemies, if you play solo, then deal with the minions first.

    Lidia the Chaos Archer

    Boss level: 26

    New ability for player: Chaos Volley power, The Devourerstructure

    Whereabouts: East side of Farbane Woods, randomly walking through the area.

    Lidia the Chaos Archer is considered a fairly simple boss for the reason that the speed of the mob's attacks is low, which makes it possible to predict them and step aside. The warrior uses the magic of destruction, which her arrows are enchanted. Lidia the Chaos Archer also has an AOE attack. In general, she is easy to defeat if using trees or bushes to kite her LOS.

    Grayson, the Armorer

    Boss level: 27

    New ability for player: Crimson Aegis power, Five Finger Workboardsstructure, Long Boards structure, Assortment of Statuesstructure, Whetstone recipe

    Whereabouts: South of Farbane Woods, Bandit Armory.

    Grayson, the Armorer has also a whirling attack and shoots magical arrows sometimes, but his forte lies in his ability to scatter traps around him, across multiple radii. This attack is given to him every couple of minutes. Hitting one of them will cause the hero to take damage and some negative debuffs. To avoid losing health, there is an armored doll in the south corner. After using it, the player gets a shield that allows him to run through a few mines, and all damage is absorbed.

    Goreswine the Ravager

    Boss level: 27

    New abilities for players: Corpse Explosion power, Veil of Bones power, Tombstructure, Nocturne Fencesstructure, Skeleton recipe, Ghoul recipe

    Whereabouts: West End of Farbane Woods, Desecrated Graveyard

    Goreswine the Ravager throws poison canisters at the player roughly every 10 seconds, which poison the area in a small circle. Also, they blow up sometimes. The strategy for defeating this boss is to constantly move and shoot him by using ranged weapons. Or to time his pauses between bomb-throwing and killing him in melee.

    Putrid Rat

    Boss level: 30

    New ability for player: Rat Form power

    Whereabouts: The boss spawns at the summon location.

    Uniqueness fight with Putrid Rat is that player has to conjure Vermin Nest. Then kite, dodge incoming rats wolves, etc, and kill this low-health boss.

    Clive the Firestarter

    Boss level: 30

    New ability for player: Veil of Chaos power, Alchemy Table structure, Assortment of Enchanted Braziersstructure, Assortment of Enchanted Torchesstructure, Sulphur recipe, Minor Explosive Box recipe

    Whereabouts: West End of Farbane Woods.

    During the fight with Clive the Firestarter, activate or shoot nearby explosive barrels that are scattered nearby. They do a lot of damage to him. This boss often scatters a lot of grenades, and cluster bombs, which are doing huge AOE explosions. Avoid getting blown, and while the boss is busy throwing - kill him with pleasure.

    Polora the Feywalker

    Boss level: 34

    New ability for player: Spectral Wolf power, Veil of Illusion power, Vampire Waygatestructure, Golden Floorsstructure, Minor Garlic Resistance Brew recipe

    Whereabouts: NW Farbane Woods, Gleaming Meadows.

    Polora the Feywalker periodically sends a ghost wolf forward, some spirit butterfly, and several semi-transparent orbs. When approached by Polora the Feywalker, she will sometimes fear the player, making running him for a second or two. It happens not so often, so you can use both melee/ranged tactics.

    Ferocious Bear

    Boss level: 36

    New ability for player: Bear Form power, Fur Rugsstructure

    Whereabouts: East side of Farbane Woods, his cave.

    Sometimes this fat bear-looking boss charges at the player with tremendous speed. But luckily charge can be dodged. The rotation of attacks of Bear is small, but each one does a lot of damage. Often the opponent mauls with his sharp-clawed forefoot, sometimes he causes mini earthquakes and the stones can crush the hero. A lot of running here is needed, and also health potions The Bloody Rite skill will help in the battle.

    Quincey the Bandit King

    Boss level: 37

    New abilities for players: Chaos Barrier power, Merciless Charge power, Smithystructure, Tailoring Benchstructure, Iron Ingot recipe, Iron weapons recipe, Hollowfang armor recipe

    Whereabouts: Northern Farbane Woods, Stronghold

    Quincey the Bandit King has a very surprising attack, he sends bolts by sinusoidal trajectory leaving explosives on their way. Most the fighting player should run a lot to avoid getting blown. Sometimes boss charges at the player inside a magic kind sphere. Sometimes he tries to net player. Therefore - patience and running will guide you to victory.

    Nicholaus the Fallen

    Boss level: 37

    New abilities for players: Pestilence power, Ward of the Damned power, Study structure

    Whereabouts: North of Farbane Woods, Forgotten Cemetery.

    The most dangerous of Nicholaus the Fallen - is his ability to summon a bunch of skellies. Players have to avoid them, or AOE them. As for the rest, this boss shoots green bolts and teleports sometimes. As well some running is required in this case too.

    Beatrice the Tailor

    Boss level: 38

    New ability for player: Human Form power, Loomstructure, Assortment of Curtainsstructure, Hunter's Cloak recipe, Cloth recipe, Cotton Yarn recipe

    Whereabouts: The southeastern part of the farming Dawnbreak Valley.

    Fat lady Beatrice the Tailor mostly runs away from the player crying for help. Attacks her while dealing with mobs came to help her. Tho whole fight is to chase her, and kill a.s.a.p. Any backstab-like attacks will help.

    Vincent the Frostbringer

    Boss level: 40

    New ability for player: Frost Barrier power, Veil of Frost power, Prison Cell structure, Reinforced Plank recipe

    Whereabouts: southwestern part of Dunley Farmlands

    Mostly, Vincent, the Frostbringer is trying to freeze the player to the ground or to call for friendly archers. Good idea is to stack him with his allies, and AOE them down. Freezing triggers when hit by his magical ice bolts, and in order not to be unarmed, you need to dodge smarter. Vincent the Frostbringer also has allies that will interfere with him, concentrate on the first, since they are low on health.

    Christina the Sun Priestess

    Boss level: 44

    New ability for player: Purgatory power, Glass recipe, Empty Glass Bottle recipe, Holy Resistance Potion recipe, Blood Rose Potion recipe

    Whereabouts: Mosswick Village, or southeastern Dawnbreak Farm Valley.

    Kite or dodge Christina's guards while inflicting a deadly blow to her. Christina the Sun Priestess has a low amount of armor, but this does not prevent her from dealing high damage. And also heal yourself and your squad. You can deal with them in a timely manner, otherwise, the battle may end in death for the hero.

    Leandra the Shadow Priestess

    Boss level: 46

    New ability for players: Spectral Assassin power, Jewelcrafting Table structure, Scourge Pendant recipe, Scourgestone recipe, Skeleton Priest recipe

    Whereabouts: Northern part of Dunley Farmlands, Church of the Damned.

    Like Nicholaus the Fallen, Leandra the Shadow Priestess is capable of resurrecting the dead. The strategy here is to kill them fast enough, so the player won't face the army of undead. She is relatively easy to kill and has not much health. Using AOE attacks on Leandra and her servants will bring the player to sooner victory.

    Tristan the Vampire Hunter

    Boss level: 46

    New ability for player: Blood Hunter power, Greater Blood Essence recipe

    Whereabouts: Northern part of Farbane Woods, walks along the road.

    Tristan the Vampire Hunter has a close-range attack, as well as a shooting player for the distance. His AoE spell burns the player's health quite fast. He summons some minions, which have to be destroyed as soon as possible. He is much stronger than the others. Before the fight, it's likely to have some extra potions and good weapons. Shooting him from distance seems to be the best option.

    Terah the Geomancer

    Boss level: 48

    New ability for players: Spectral Guardian power, Gem Cutting Table structure, Siege Golem Stone recipe, Regular Gems recipe

    Whereabouts: NW Dunley Farmlands, Bedrock Pass.

    Terah the Geomancer, being attacked, takes stone golem form. Then she often summons golems to help him, buries himself half underground to attack the player with shards raising from the ground, and AOE attacks with falling stone shards.

    Meredith the Bright Archer

    Boss level: 52

    New ability for player: Sanguine Coil power, Wool Thread recipe

    Whereabouts: southern part of Dunley Farmlands, Haunted Iron Mine.

    You will get your ears broken by hearing "blessed shot" shouted every few seconds... Yes - Meredith the Bright Archer is an archer. The AoE and single target shots of Meredith have long animations, so it's easy to dodge her attacks.

    Frostmaw the Mountain Terror

    Boss level: 56

    New ability for player: Ice Nova power, Scroll recipe

    Whereabouts: northwest of the Hallowed Mountains, wanders nearby.

    Frostmaw the Mountain Terror has a fierce maul attack, and he shoots frost balls as well. He also has the Frost nova spell, which players can learn by defeating him. He is not a difficult opponent, he deals a lot of damage, which is very difficult to dodge due to freezing. However, defeating the boss will bring a skill that allows you to freeze opponents to the ground for a few seconds.

    Octavian the Militia Captain

    Boss level: 58

    New ability for player: Mirror Strike power, Anvilstructure, Dark Silver Ingot recipe, Dawnthorn armor recipe, Dark Silver weapons recipe

    Whereabouts: Northern part of Dunley Farmlands, at the castle.

    Octavian the Militia Captain can use a sword, but he also has some whirling magic attacks. He spawns whirlwinds, better to be avoided by the player. And shoots by kinds of those sometimes. Whirlwinds move not fast so it's easy to step left or right.

    Angora the Spider Queen

    Boss level: 60

    New ability for player: Volatile Arachnid power, Ghost Yarn recipe, Silk recipe, Spiderling recipe

    Whereabouts: Northern part of the Cursed Forest, in a cave.

    Angora the Spider-Queen sends poisonous bolts and meteor-looking spheres. She is hiding deep in the Cursed Forest. You will have to try hard in the battle with the spider because it is very difficult to avoid its poison clouds. If the player will spawn some mobs to DPS her, it'll be much faster. She spawns spiders sometimes, but these are easy targets. Kill smallest first. The reward for winning a fight with her - is the ability to summon spiders to help the main hero.

    Raziel the Shepherd

    Boss level: 60

    New ability for player: Crimson Beam power, Athenaeumstructure, Silver Resistance Potion recipe, Corrupted Artifact recipe

    Whereabouts: Western part of Dunley Farmlands, Dunley Monastery.

    Clear area of ??ads, so Raziel Shepherd's magic bolts, or his volleys can be dodged. He deals massive damage with magic attacks. All hits can be dodged at the start of the cast animation by this boss.

    Foulrot the Soultaker

    Boss level: 62

    New ability for player: Mist Trance power, Phantom's Veil recipe, Spectral Dust recipe, Banshee recipe

    Whereabouts: Eastern part of the Cursed Forest, at the village.

    Most of the time Foulrot the Soultaker spawns bunches of banshees(sorry for homophones), so the player has to kite and destroy them. Stay away from him, since he strikes like a truck with his icy swords.

    Jade the Vampire Hunter

    Boss level: 62

    New ability for player: Chaos Barrage power, Major Explosive Box recipe, Primal Blood Essence recipe

    Whereabouts: Dunley Farmlands Center.

    The fight will be easier if kite her from the road to avoid other mobs walking by it. She has ranged attacks, so any obstacles that can protect a player will help to avoid getting shot. Using shields that reflect her damaging attacks will greatly speed up the fight.

    The Duke of Balaton

    Boss level: 62

    New ability for player: ??????????? ? ????

    Whereabouts: Northern Cursed Forest, Swamp of Greed.

    For sure, The Duke of Balaton is one of the easiest to complete. Keep him busy by summoning some skeletons, or other creatures. Using a shield will help to survive his tongue attacks. AoE attacks can be relatively easy to run from. The only reward is frog form, but it'll help later in-game. Don't kite his summoned adds, kill them first, then concentrate on the boss.

    Mairwyn the Elementalist

    Boss level: 64

    New ability for player: Crystal Lance power, Imperial Thread recipe.

    Whereabouts: SE of Silverlight Hills, Emberleaf Grove.

    Mairwyn the Elementalist has a waving fire arrow AoE attack, several ice shots in a row, and then she shoots magic orbs. When she summons her copy, kill copy asap, then continue damaging boss. The middle-range fight is preferred, her fire arrows rain can be avoided while shooting at her. Mairwyn's fire damage spells apply damage over time, which does huge injuries to players.

    Wilfred the Werewolf Chief

    Boss level: 64

    New ability for player: Heart Strike power, Holy Resistance Flask recipe.

    Whereabouts: Northern part of Dunley Farmlands, Gloomgrave Village.

    Wilfred the Werewolf Chief - has fast speed, sharp claws, and a huge mouth. He summons spiders, has a Chaos Volley AoE attack, and can increase his movement speed. Its power can take even an experienced player by surprise, particularly because there has always been a feud between werewolves and vampires. Clear adds he summons as fast as possible, and avoids him charging at you.

    Azariel the Sunbringer

    Boss level: 68

    New ability for player: Power Surge power, Gold Ingot recipe

    Whereabouts: West side of Silverlight Hills, Brighthaven Cathedral.

    A huge area covering magic attacks, teleportation, and minions summoning, is what awaits a brave hero. Azariel the Sunbringer, like Raziel the Shepherd, holds an important position in the Cathedral. He spams his abilities quite often, so the fight will be long and hard.

    Morian the Stormwing Matriarch

    Boss level: 68

    New ability for player: Void power, Flawless Gems recipe.

    Whereabouts: South of Silverlight Hills, Harpy Nest.

    Deal with her add fast and dodge her volley attacks. Before a fight with this terrifying enemy, be sure to get or create excellent weapons, equipment, as well as useful potions. In the middle of the fight, she summons 4 mobs that can crush the player pretty fast. Dodge and killing add before the boss will make this fight easier.

    Terrorclaw the Ogre

    Boss level: 68

    New ability for player: Arctic Leap power

    Whereabouts: Southwest Hallowed Mountains, Frozen Cave.

    Falling ice lumps, ground freezing, and shards striking from the earth's surface - are the most powerful Terrorclaw attacks. He also shoots ice-looking spheres sometimes. An opponent with powerful strength is one of the most difficult in the game, so the fight with him requires careful preparation. The player can use the lumps he creates to avoid his icy casts.

    Matka the Curse Weaver

    Boss level: 72

    New ability for player: Unstable Mosquito power, Schematic recipe, Mosquito recipe

    Whereabouts: NW of Cursed Forest, Nest of Weaver.

    Poisons, and again poison nova. That's what she does. Matka the Curse Weaver is a powerful witch and is able to use the powers of the Cursed Forest, and those poisons that were born in it over the millennia of its existence. Again, some of the bosses' attacks remind me of Wotlk instance bosses offensive abilities, like Ick has. Dodge her projectiles and area poisons and shoot her from distance. Other tactics will not be as effective against Matka the Curse Weaver.

    Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer

    Boss level: 76

    New ability for player: Bat Form power.

    Whereabouts: Wanders in the southern part of Cursed Forest.

    Boss is patrolling his part of the forest. He has several magic attacks, like two magical clouds attacking the player from opposite sides. Or Area of ??Effect casts or spawning adds. Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer - is not only just another creature that lives in the Cursed Forest. Surprisingly, the boss is of the same genus as the player. His powers scale with several players attacking him. This is casual for all boss fights anyway.

    Gorecrusher the Behemoth

    Boss level: 78

    New ability for player: Wisp Dance power.

    Whereabouts: Southern part of Cursed Forest, Lair of the Behemoth.

    Kite his adds as usually, he summons wolves and bears. Don't let him jump on you, and avoid damage from a spawned shard. The enemy is creepy, it looks like a fusion of bones with the roots and knots of trees. His body is filled with the energy of Cursed Forest Trees. When the player is close to the boss, he casts some ground collapse spell.

    The Winged Horror

    Boss level: 78

    New ability for player: Frost Vortex power.

    Whereabouts: NE Farbane Woods, at Dreaded Peak.

    The Winged Horror fights on the ground, he even charges the player. But he can fly up and do massive AoE damage to the ground around the player. He will turn out to be fierce, which is predictable: The Winged Horror is one of the last ingame bosses. Before charging he often casts AoE icy attack with his tail.

    Solarus the Immaculate

    Boss level: 80

    New ability for player: Summon Fallen Angel power.

    Whereabouts: Eastern part of Silverlight Hills, Fortress of Light.

    Sanguine Touch and Chaos Volley, damage over time will do the trick through a fight with this boss. Solarus the Immaculate is the last ingame boss, making it the strongest boss in the game. He wields a two-handed blade as a weapon, dealing holy crushing damage with damage over time. Use Spell Leach whenever you can. Closer to the end of the fight, Solarus summons a minion called Divine Angel. If the Solarus's health gets low to 10%, he will use a new state with immunity to all damage and starts healing itself. Fight his minion then you want to fight the angel and defeat it. Then this Divine Angel will turn into the Fallen Angel and she'll cancel the immunity of the Solarus, kill add first, then boss, by using ranged attacks.

Offline gameplay: 1 player or more.
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Stunlock Studios
ESRB Ratio: T:16+

Extras and features:

Requirements: Intel Core I5-11600 3.6 GHz/AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 3.7 GHz, 12 GB RAM, Video card with 8 GB GeForce GTX 1070/Radeon RX 590, 7 GB HDD space, Windows 10 64-bit.

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