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Genre and what to do:
    THE GRINDER in V Rising. How to make it, and what you can create on it.

    The Grinder machine blueprints will be given to all players during the game's initial phase, you don't need to look for them separately. Further, to build this machinery, you will need to find a number of materials: 4x Whetstone, 4x Copper Ingots, and 8x planks of wood.

    To create boards, you need to cut down the right number of trees and process the wood with Sawmill. To get Sawmil blueprints, three Palisades around the territorial borders must be built and connected to Castle Heart. Then a Wooden Coffin needs to be assembled, and then a Wooden Stash for the base. Building Sawmill will require 80 stones and 400 pieces of lumber. For Sawmill to start working, players must power it by feeding Blood Essence to the Castle Heart, connecting energy to the structure.

    After that, proceed to the melting of copper, and the production of ingots. To start mining copper, a player needs Reinforced Bone Mace. It can be crafted on your workbench. 1 Bone Mace, 4 Planks, and 120 Stones are needed to Craft the Mace. Then the player has to equip it and be ready to mine copper ore. Ore smelting is done with a furnace, the construction of which will cost you 60 copper ore and 480 stones. After that, loading copper into the furnace, the player will start receiving copper ingots.

    Whetstones can be made with Grinder, to create them, a player has to find 4 whetstones first. They need to be obtained in a wooded area in the camps of bandits. To make a whetstone, players have to use the Blood Altar and hunt down Grayson the Armorer. He is located at the Bandit Armory, he has level 27. Additionally, Stone Dust will be required for the processing of sharpening stones.

    How to Get a Stone Brick in V Rising

    First of all, after building a grinding machine, you can think about how to craft a stone brick on it. In particular, it is from it that we will extract stone dust, which is an expendable component for many items. To receive 1x Stone Dust, you need to place 12 rocks in the Grinder, to receive 1x Stone Brick and 1x pile of Stone Dust. Stone bricks can be obtained from Stone Nodes, or Golems in the open world, but it takes a lot of time. Using the machine, it is much more convenient and efficient to create Brick and Dust, you just need to collect the necessary amount of material.

    How to Build a Castle in V Rising, choosing the best place.

    The castle in V Rising is a place where the player improves, stores food, and defends himself from other players and sunlight.

    The construction of the castle in V Rising begins with the installation of Castle Heart. This is a special station, that keeps your castle alive. If Castle Heart starts decaying, your whole castle will also start dissolving in ether. The Player won't be able to use any stations, because they depend on the Castle Heart, which creates a safe zone in a specific area by reserving a piece of land for the player. It must be constantly supplied with Blood Essence for the shelter to live and develop. The role of food for Castle Heart is Blood Essence, which the player will be able to extract from the people around, or during the battle with opponents. In the warehouse menu, you can find out how long Blood Essence will be able to nourish the fortress.

    In the beginning, the player is given the Lord Of Shadow task, which will teach the player how to create Castle Heart. To build it - 240 Stones and 30 Blood Essences are needed. Press the B key in the Fundamentals section, after which you will need to find a suitable place to install Castle Heart. Use the F key to set it up, after that it will only be necessary to start supplying this Blood Essence.

    The Border item, in the Fundamentals section, is responsible for the boundaries on which it will be possible to develop in the future. At first, only 30 squares will be available, this number will increase as you progress in the game. You can start building walls and gates, then rebuild the interior rooms and stations. A good locality for the future fortress will be a combination of plains, fields, and lowlands. Also, resource nodes or s="human" settlements will help you to get rich on resources. As to PvP server - search for a place farther from common routes, maybe some cliffs can protect you too from other players' attacks. If there are trees, rocks, etc, it is better to get rid of them, to maximize the castle area that can be used for building.

    At the beginning of the game, only walls made of wood will be available. To produce stone walls, 12 Stones are needed to make one Stone Brick. And with bricks stone walls can be made. To unlock stronger walls, 12 Copper Ingots and 12 Leather are needed to upgrade your Castle Heart. Once you've got what you need, you need to open Castle Heart in the menu, and click Upgrade. After building the walls and floor, the game will immediately add a roof of the desired size to the castle. It will increase and change in shape every time you make permutations and form rooms and stations inside the fortress.

Offline gameplay: 1 player or more.
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Stunlock Studios
ESRB Ratio: T:16+

Extras and features:

Requirements: Intel Core I5-11600 3.6 GHz/AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 3.7 GHz, 12 GB RAM, Video card with 8 GB GeForce GTX 1070/Radeon RX 590, 7 GB HDD space, Windows 10 64-bit.

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