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Alien ShooterPlayer's Award

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Genre and what to do:
Action/shooter. The human civilization is in extreme danger! Uncountable herds of bloodthirsty monsters have occupied a huge military base and prepare to put our beautiful planet into darkness. According to military intelligence there is constant alien activity throughout the military base including storehouses, offices and secret laboratories. The monster intrusion must be stopped now; it may be too late tomorrow. The government entrusts this mission to you, a brave soldier, don't thwart people's hopes! Your objective is to explore all the corners of the base and eliminate the bloody monsters. Use various modern weapons and explosives to survive in this intensive and uncompromising combat.  

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
Alien Shooter is a fast-paced game with average graphics, standard sound effects and appropriate rock music. In-game options allow customize character, adjust music, sound effects, graphics details, resolution and size of screen. One of the highlights of the game is the possibility to buy additional weapons and biomechanical implants that increase your combat abilities.        

Offline gameplay: 1 player Multiplayer support: No
Publisher: Sigma Team
ESRB Ratio: Teen.

Extras and features:
· Ten Breathtaking Levels
· Two Challenging Game Modes: Campaign and Survival
· Six Kinds of Terrible Monsters
· Nine Types of Modern Weapons
· Monotonous cries of dying aliens begin irritate in 10 minutes
· Graphics of previous century
· Uncomfortable camera view

Requirements: Memory: 64MB Display: 3D Video Card CPU: 600Mhz ,  Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows NT

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.player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
aricept history ssZz9i happpy to see that! yes 06.08.11
Duke0102 This is a great retro style game and i LOVE it 08.04.08
LARA Lara loves life and Alien Shooter. 13.11.06
spike7 i love the game i cant wait till episode 2 20.07.06
author alien shooter is right! add next level, please 06.06.06
Hero good action game love it 03.05.06
Prithvi Awesome game works in 128 mb ram too.Full marks to this best action game 03.05.06
begenmiyorsansie best game ever ... 11.01.06
c alien shooter is coll but the free trial is so little 28.12.05
Charmed This is a crap with a capital 'C' 17.12.05
ben eames prank me on 66513483 this website is gay 05.12.05
Killer44075 It is a good game. Not only does it have red blood but you can also change it to green blood. Really cool 02.11.05
Deathbaron The Best game I ever play but I'm in ThaiLand So I cannot buy it 07.08.05
Me alien shooter is the best game i ever played 05.07.05
gangster shooter 24.04.05
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt great game. good carnage with red blood. good sound, but gets kinda boring. Survival is hard but fun. game gets really easy with best gun. 20.04.05
ollie this is one FIIINNNEE game 06.01.05
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