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Carnivores 2Player's Award

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Rate: 74% /100 Price: $900   Read full Carnivores 2 reviews

Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
Another world. Another time. Another test of the fittest... You traverse the vast new world filled with prehistoric creatures from a time long past. With enough weaponry to flatten a mountain range, you begin your search. You feel a surge of dominance over your potential next kill, but then come to an abrupt and haunting realization. You are outnumbered, outsmarted and the object of a deadly prehistoric creature's hunt.

Offline gameplay:
Publisher: Atari
ESRB Ratio:

Extras and features:

Requirements: Pentium® 233, 32MB RAM, DirectX 5.0, DirectX® video card, DirectSound sound card ,  Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP

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player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
bkk1 i have carnivores ice age every time i play it says heap allocation error plz help 01.11.11
KILLASMILE i wish i knew the phone number to the people who charged me 13 dollars for buying this game. it doesnt even work! it says my computer is not compatable or some junk 02.11.10
dinohunter i love this game any of the carnivores games are great they rule 16.12.09
masterdinohunter you need to buy the game to play :) 01.05.09
bellespree will this game work if I just buy a copy or will I just buy a game that won't work? 26.04.09
jOSH the damm game wont work 21.03.08
a gonna be playa! dudes i was gonna download the game but every comment is bad!...dang='( 21.12.07
nbmbn .this is gay it wont work nobody downoad it its a waste of time' 01.12.07
mo_man63 heap allocation error after hitting hunt how to fix please. 18.11.07
NAH!!! .this is gay it wont work 11.11.07
matt this game dont work.... 09.09.07
trey .y cant i start it it says its not compliante??? 15.08.07
Carnivore 2 it wont work and i have played it before y wont it WORK! 15.08.07
chris everytime i try to play it says heap location error what do i do to make it work? 06.08.07
Adam .I can't start the game!?!? 19.07.07
Nighthound everytime i try to play the game it goes to the downloading thingy. 09.07.07
blondii OMG this game is scary lol. 29.06.07
huff .the same thing happend 2 me to Mii 24.06.07
mitch i know the same thing happend to me about operating systems and its not allowed 04.05.07
dino x .this game is the bomb 04.05.07
trey . this games is off the chain! devin you need shut up 29.04.07
mii with me it saysyour tryingto install a program not complaint whit youroperating systems wat do i do now?? 23.12.06
Thomas Can someone help me ? When i click start free trial it comes up with a messagem, heap allocation error. :( contact me please. 21.11.06
ganster this game is gggrrreeaaattt i played it for 6 hours on saturday 09.11.06
angryman hey i cant run the installation program..its keeps saying the game system is different from ur operating system..mine is windows xp..any ideas? 29.10.06
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