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Genre and what to do:
    The Storyline.

    Sniper Elite 5 takes place in during the the end of World War II, when Germany has lost its advantage and is rapidly retreating. However, everyone understand that a "beast" driven into a corner is the most dangerous. It is known that the Germans started something horrible - and soon will accomplish their pesky plans.

    Spy stories - this is perhaps the best description of the fifth part of the Sniper series. Despite the fact that the main character is a skilled sniper, he's also a ninja, demolitionist, and has some other useful skills. Name of the main character is Karl Fairburne, and he can blow up-armored vehicles, disable secret submarines, and sabotage factories to create secret technologies for the Third Reich.

    What is Sniper Elite 5 about, and what to do in the game - a huge world for an inconspicuous sniper.

    The complexity of levels, in comparison with the previous parts, has become better. Eight large locations of France are presented, where the hero will have to perform a variety of duties. For example, in order to get from a small island to an old castle in which new Reich spies are trained, you will have to go around all the Nazi posts. Underground fortifications will need to be destroyed from the inside, where nazis are testing V-2 missiles. The player is not thrown into the whirlpool of events immediately, and therefore it is interesting to start exploration of levels maps from the outskirts.

    You can destroy enemies in different ways. For example, the non-lethal approach is possible, i.e. completing a Sniper Elite 5 level with no alarms on, and all mobs left alive. Only the main target has to be killed to complete a mission. It's also possible to ambush with multiple mines, lure the nazis to the fuel tank and then blow it up.

    The story campaign of Sniper Elite 5 consists of eight tasks of different scales, same as with maps number. Karl is on the ground and have to deal with different assignments - to kill an important officer, to blow up the object, get priceless documents, and so on. There are also many side quests in the game. I.e. to explode fortifications guarding the shore, find stolen art, etc.

    Also, there is another type of task - the elimination of important nazi persons. First, the player needs to find them by their approximate location, or to find out from these reports where they may be situated. And then to act as it seems more reasonable - plan the murder with someone else's hands, or figure it out yourself. If you the player acts according to the immediately proposed scenario - for example, destroying the mob with a fallen lamp. Or with an "explosive rat", he will be rewarded with trophy weapons at the end of the level.

    A diverse arsenal helps to cope with assignments. Initially, Karl has a limited amount of rifles, machine guns, pistols, mines, and grenades. Over time, the number will increase. Here are some weapons to be acquired later. SREM-1 - given at the start. M.1903 - given at the start. Gewehr 1943 - at level 3. M1A Carbine - at level 5. Karabiner 98 - at level 2. The Kill Challenge - crush the target with a girandole in the Chateau. RSC 1918 - at level 7, kill the target with a V2. Next, go to a building where the target is. Again, the V2 rocket is in the tunnel. Knock the target out, carry him to V2 and then shoot the hooks to drop them down. M1A1 Gov - given from the game's start, same as SMG. Stengun MK2 - given by completing the map 6. Machine Pistol .44 - at map 4, the target must be slain with an "explosive rat". Player has to go to the target’s room and put the bomb under the shelves. Find the target, knock him out, then carry him to the room with an explosive setup. Type 100 - at level 5, the player has to kill the target by burying him. Machine Pist.40 - at level 1, kill the target with an explosion. Either shoot an explosive canister to the target when he's passing by.

    Several ammo types are given to the player. Neither a helmet nor boards will protect against armor-piercing cartridges. Non-lethal ones will send the target to sleep, or stun it. Subsonic will not be heard by enemies. Each type of ammunition is for a specific situation.

    Sound has a special role in Sniper Elite 5. There is a separate indicator on the screen that shows the level of noise around. If a gun fires nearby, or explosions are heard, the player can shoot without fear of being detected while other noises exist. If it's quiet around, the player can arrange a diversion and close an electrical circuit of some generator. It will be a loud spark, but enemies will not pay attention to the crackle. Even the task of breaking into a secure house can be solved in a few different ways. Shoot everyone with a machine gun. Kill patrolmen with a pistol with a silencer. Mine Fritz's body and undermine the patrol that came to the rescue. Get to the right place quietly, climbing through the bushes and climbing the buildings, or climb to the top, track down opponents with the optical sight, and quickly and quietly shoot everyone up.

    The player can turn Sniper Elite into carnage and just shoot everyone he/she meets. This game delivers maximum enjoyment when played thoroughly, when the player analyzes the situation, keeps an eye on enemies, looks for workarounds, and does not reveal his presence. In this case, each task becomes an entertaining puzzle. How to shoot an officer, and not attract the attention of soldiers? Is there an option to get to the cannons, set the explosives, and have time to run away before the explosion? How to safely climb the high bell tower, where the important ranks of the German army gathered? For thoughtful actions, developers anticipated an increased amount of experience.

    Sniper Elite 5: How to act during an Invasion, and what is it.

    The main innovation of Sniper Elite 5 is the mode of Invasion. If you turn it on, a sniper hunter can fly into a mission at any time. Maybe it's inspired by Juliana from the well-known Deathloop, or Elden Ring. Killer character, controlled by other player, will try to eliminate the player. Neither the player, nor the hunter initially know each other's whereabouts. There are several ways to find out the coordinates - by calling scouts, or by long-term observation. The sniper watches the map - if the enemy makes some noise, then the player can go into a special state when the stomp of the approaching enemy will allow him to prepare for a battle.

    When skillful players meet on the field, the confrontation becomes quite long and challenging. For example, one player can confuse an enemy, and ambush him by making some distracting noise. It's not scary to lose a duel - the enemy player will simply get to the main menu, and the player will immediately go on a new adventure. The player will continue the mission from the checkpoint after reloading the level. It is very interesting to invade other people's maps yourself. Due to warning, the advantage is always on the side of the player, and this adds more adrenaline to the gameplay. Invasions also affect progress, if you successfully fight, an access to new equipment is given.

    Artwork, graphics, system requirements, and design.

    Sniper Elite 5 looks amazing thanks to the work of artists. Also, level designers used a lot of imagination to create maps/landscapes. On any game level, which is located in France, it is pleasant to look at the surroundings. Dense forests, spacious fields, famous cities with many atmospheric streets, multi-story palaces - such a variety is impressive.

    Each level map is worked out to smallest details. Even in remote houses, where many will not even look at all, a lot of household items are placed, the walls are decorated with pretty carpets and paintings, and the apartments are filled with a variety of things. There is nothing easier than arriving to a new level, and looking at the gorgeous views being amused. The work of the artists and designers is one of the main reasons to dive into Sniper Elite 5 world.

    Due to the fact that developers were able to make the design by designing(sorry for the tautology), not just by using all the newest hardware FX, the system requirements are quite modest.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
Spy stories - the best description of the 5th part of the sniper series.

Offline gameplay: 1-3 players
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Rebellion Developments
ESRB Ratio: T:16+

Extras and features:

Requirements: CPU: Intel CPU Core i5+, or equivalent. RAM: 8 GB. OS: Windows 10. VIDEO: DirectX12 capable GPU with 4GB Video RAM. PIXEL SHADER/VERTEX SHADER: 5.0. DISK SPACE: 85 GB.

Alternative names: .

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