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Genre and what to do:
    In The Cycle: Frontier, the player can purchase weapons from three different faction shops, as well as find them during raids.

    Often, at points of interest new weapons can be found among other loot. The player will come across casual pistols or Submachine Guns (SMGs). More rare and powerful assault rifles and sniper rifles only spawn in predetermined locations.

    After another round of beta testing, The Cycle: Frontier has added new weapon locations on the Bright Sands map. In some of them you can find unusual and more interesting firearms to use, which can either be sold or used in further battles.

    Where to find the best weapons in The Cycle: Frontier on Bright Sands - Vaccine Labs.

    The first weapon spawn location can be found by looking around the Vaccine Labs POI, which is located a little south of the Eastern Cavern.

    Inside Labs 2 spots with weapons can be found:

    The bottom floor of the laboratory, the only bed here. Usually the weapon spawns right on top of it, or next to it. On the second floor of the building, on the balcony. Open the white gun case to find a new rifle.

    Dig Site and Power Plant region. By following route to excavations to power station, along the local river, a long white weapon container can be found. An assault rifle should be inside.

    Crashed ship site. Look inside ship and examine the weapon box hidden under the foliage.

    Bit to north from Communicationss Tower there is a campsite. Explore this area to find weapons. Again, it spawns in a white weapon case, but can also be found on crates, or just on the ground. In this zone, you can stumble upon various monsters and, most likely, other players. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful.

    Jungle Camp is the last spawn location for the best weapons on the Bright Sands map. It is worth warning that this is a dangerous place inhabited by strong and aggressive monsters. You need to find the tallest building in the area, on the roof of which is one of the familiar weapon cases.

    How to find all keys and open locked houses in The Cycle: Frontier.

    1. Where to find keys and doors in the Bright Sands location.

    On the Bright Sands map, the developers have placed eleven keys. All of them lie in locations next to locked doors.

    The key to the mine is white. The door is hidden underground in the Abandoned Mine in the very north of the map.

    Probably dungeon entrance - white. Another spot is located south of the previous one. The item opens the second room of the mine.

    Weapon key - blue. The door is located to the west in the Jungle Camp. You need to find a large living container.

    The secret area is south between Dig Site and Parking Lot in the mid-north part of the map, white key is in safe.

    The key under the waterfall is white, in the underground room under the waterfall.

    The key to the high house is white. The secret room is located at the very top of the mountain between the Eastern Caverns and Woodcutter's Camp locations.

    The key to the eastern dungeon is white. The passage is located underground in East Collection Point.

    Server access key - green. The door is located in the Communications Tower in the west of the map.

    The key to the server storage is blue. The locked room is located in the central part of the location in Base Camp.

    The key to the Observation Room is green. The passage is located in the vaccine laboratory in the central-eastern part of the map.

    The key near the skeleton is blue. This point is located near the Swamp Camp just south of old bones in the field research area.

    2. Where to find keys and doors in the Crescent Falls location.

    There are seven keys placed on the Crescent Falls map. All of them lie in spots next to locked doors.

    The lab key is purple. The door is in the northeast spot -- Pinnacle Labs.

    Janitor's key - white. Opens two or three doors in the Starport Admin area.

    The boss's office key is purple. The locked passage is located in the same central area as the previous room.

    The bar key is purple. The restricted area is located in the very center of the map in Green's Prospect spot.

    Garage key - blue. The secret room is located in the central part near the previous door in the eastern part of the Green's Prospect spot.

    The key to the overseer's office is green. The locked room is located in the southeast part of the map in the Nutrition Forms Processing area.

    Loose House key - white. The door is located in the most southwestern part of the area. You need to find a free-standing habitation container in Favela spot.

    3. What are the keys for and how to find them.

    In The Cycle: Frontier, the player can stumble upon locked doors, and keys of different colors that open the corresponding doors. They are needed to unlock the premises, inside which are the necessary things and resources. On the map there are various buildings and rooms, access to which is carried out using the corresponding key. The keys are either in small safes or when searching hanging forgotten clothes. Most often due to the difficulty in finding revealing items, all contents inside such secret locations are usually untouched. In the game, all keys are divided into four types: General - white. Unusual - green. Rare blue. Extra rare - purple. Developers have a rich imagination, so not red/green/blue combo here. :)

    In locked rooms you can find armor, grenades, medicines, ammunition, resources, etc. Each such key card must be taken to Safe Pockets, since key cards are negligibly light.

    In such cases, the hero can go to the next adventure even without equipment, since maximum carry weight is limited. It is enough to find the key card and run to the corresponding door to gain access to the secret room. To get the key from them, you need to get to this location and search all the jackets and safes around the locked passage. The player can be guided by an interactive map that contains the places mentioned here.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
The Cycle: Frontier - quest shooter with a PvP/PvE gameplay style.

Offline gameplay: 1-3 player per team.
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: YAGER
ESRB Ratio: T:16+

Extras and features:

Requirements: OS: Windows 10 64Bit, CPU: Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 3, Video: AMD R9 series, GeForce GTX 700 series, RAM: 8 GB, DirectX: 11, Hard Drive: 37GB.

Alternative names: .

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