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X3: ReunionGolden Crown award of TG

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Genre and what to do:
    X3: Reunion is a logical continuation of X2, and a significant expansion of the game universe X. X3 remains designed for a single player who can fly in space and build his economic empire, fight enemies, make wars and change the global economy.
    The plot of X3: Reunion continues the story of X2. Argonians fight with Khaak, agroks will again have to remember Julian Brennan from the previous version of the game. In X3: Reunion tells the story of Julian fighting the remnants of Khaak, and the war is still not over.
    In the X3: Reunion universe, all sorts of degrees of freedom are given. You can have one fighter, you can have several or even your own flotilla. You can buy, or you can capture. Build factories and extract resources to maintain the fleet. You can be friends with pirates, or become one of them yourself. Missions are available. The player is competed with by game NPCs who can do the same thing as the player.
    At first, such a variety makes my head spin. The main idea of the game is to allow the player to do what he wants, without tying him to a linear plot. The game has a line of tasks that can be completed in a convenient way for the player and in a suitable order. There are third-party tasks that you can not perform. The game universe is divided into about 160 zones, interconnected by gates, through which jumps between zones are carried out. Each zone is a mini world, with different features, stations and resources.
    As in the unforgotten Elite (released in year 1984) a lot will need to be controlled by spaceships of various types, docking will be really hard to perform at the beginning :). Ships can be modified at will, sold and bought new. For certain tasks, you need different ships. Ships are different for each of the races, there are ships or modules for mining. combat fighters and cruisers. With each of the races, the player will have a different relationship based on several parameters. The player's behavior will affect the change in the reputation of a particular race.
    AI in X3 is much smarter from X2, ships do not collapse now, and NPC grow their corporations with ingenuity, keeping pace with player.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Egosoft
ESRB Ratio: Everyone 10+

Extras and features:

Requirements: OS: Windows 7 or higher, CPU: 2GHz+, RAM: 2 GB, DirectX: 9, Hard Drive: 4.5 GB

Alternative names: .

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