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Genre and what to do:
Space Combat Simulation. Fight anything anywhere anyhow and by any means. Explore boundless universe more expansive and dynamic than any other. You can play in single mode or online multiplayer, in first or third person view. Exciting battles on land, air, sea, and deep space will involve you. Choose any from eight career types in three classes: commander, marine, or pilot. Explore and experience all new 'Real Actions' and dynamic campaigns.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
Universal Combat, space and planetary combat simulation, you will plunge into in boundless world of space where a lot of different unexpected adventures are waiting for you. Stay alert and be ready to everything. You will fight with great number of space shuttles, transport troops and prisoners, chase stolen aircrafts, you also can trade to make a fortune. You can also take part in naval combats; where there will be great variety of vessels under your command. So Universal combat is a fascinating mixture of all types of battles!

Offline gameplay: 1-64 players
Multiplayer: Yes
Publisher: 3000 AD
ESRB Ratio: Violence

Extras and features:
a) A huge game world consisting of more than 250 planets, containing more than 21,000 areas of interest (military bases, cities, star bases), 12 different playable races and a database of over 500 combat units.
   b) There are 25 missions as a single-player mode.
   c) Space and vehicular types of engines.
· Lack of tutorials
· Inconvenient controls
· Pure visuals

Requirements: Windows 95/98
Processor: PIII 1 GHz
DirectX 9
256 MB RAM
Free h

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In space, no one can hear you clean.Do you feel thirst for power, you are boring with strategies where you...In Clash'N Slash, you must defend your planet from pesky alien invaders.Zoom within five cosmic Match 3 worlds.Fly as a pilot on a recon mission.
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