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Genre and what to do:
 A realistic horse racing simulator with unsurpassed detail performance. You can act in three modes. Experience all your managing skills in Owner mode. Train in Trainer mode; keep the reins with the professional hand grasp; manage betting coups and compete in Trainers Championship. Jockey mode will definitely surprise you by its unique realistic system of control that maximally approaches you to real race riding.  

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
I can easily assert that Starter Orders developers are not indifferent to horse racings otherwise how one can explain this unbelievably realistic performance of the game? It is proved by many facts. You meet detailed and realistic training methods; spacious dynamic gameplay with thousands of horses; smartly performed major race types; dynamic race world with new 2 year old horses joining and older horses retiring every season and more. While playing you undoubtedly get absorbed in the atmosphere of the horse racing world. 

Offline gameplay: Multi-player Punter competition
Publisher: Strategic Designs
ESRB Ratio: Everyone (6+)

Extras and features:
· Multi-player Punter competition mode (on local machin·
· Fields of up to 30 runners
· Hundreds of jockeys
· Realistic race calendar includes major UK and foreign events such as Flemington, Arlington, Tokyo and Nad Al Sheba etc
· You can compete in race on Derby Day, Arc Day and many other feature racings
· Detailed and accurate Racecards for every race

Requirements: Requires DirectX7; Pentium3 300mhz; 8 meg graphics card ,  Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP

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.player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
charlie if you have a horse in a claiming race and it wins, you can still change your mind by bidding for it yourself, you only get charged a small fee which is better than losing a possible champion. Also the best way to get money is save the game and reload it after writing down the winners of each race then bet high on them. 18.03.07
Bob umm cant WE ride the horses? cuz thats wat i want! and i dont get it! this is kinda GAY! 18.03.07
Mike To Cully: Horses are automatically sold off when they run in a claiming race. If you don't want to sell off your horse don't enter it into a claiming race. 21.12.06
robertd09 any cheats for it 29.11.06
ME this game was AWESOMEEEEE 13.11.06
Toddy B i have grown up around horses all my life. my father has trotters which i drive for him an am currently doing a jockeys apprenticeship with micheal ellerton an i find this game the best way to take my mind of the real deal. so thank you for the great game! 20.09.06
cully very good game but i did manage to find a problem. why do your horses always get sold if u win a race?? really annoying but still a laugh to play! 03.09.06
kevin the best racing game ever where you really think about what your doing and whats best for your horses 100/10 thats coming from a true racing lad 24.06.06
lesbians can hou like this game? seriously 02.06.06
ponylover543333 How can u breed your horses? 25.05.06
POny56457653 i don't even know how to race my horses let alone breed 'em 25.05.06
your mother This stuff is great it SOOOOO beats Stable Masters European Challenge... which is all i am currently stuck with...sadly... but not for long! tthis game is the bestest EVER! 23.02.06
ME Good but still has imperfections... 18.01.06
Cabeza from Uruguay This game is "Class A" (or Group I). I play Starters Orders 1 and i want play SO2...¡¡now!. In SO1 i win 1 GI and 1 GII in 1000 mts, i never have a real star. Sorry for my english. 14.01.06
jimmy12 i think the game is really gud but i cant find out how to train and make my horses better and i wish u got a manual with the game to help u. 23.12.05
James I couldn't even play it on my computer. I was looking forward to playing it I love horse racing. If you have any over horse racing games you no. can you please tell so i can play it on my computer. 15.10.05
NickD good game, but may as real do real horse racing betting if your into it. G1 Jockey 3 on ps2 is better if your into racing. 03.07.05
unknown I thought that it was an ok game. It is a little bit confusing but after I figured it out it was alright. I wish that it would have told u how to play the game a bit more, because I could not figuree out how to breed horses etc. 27.04.05
Stanley First accurate racing sim I have found in 20 years! Whoever said Stable Masters 2 (old game) is better must be joking. This game is the bees knees! 28.03.05
Paul Mundy Dull, not as good as Stable Masters ii which felt right. Horses act inconsistently....not as bad as HRM though! 27.11.04
Rex P. L: nice game........ i really love horse racing...... Play it Now!!!1 23.11.04
tez Great game! I have been waiting for a decent horse racing game for years! 22.10.04
Kelly Peters I love this game, my favouitie was breeding the horses and having your own little champion 03.09.04
Kelly Peter I loved this game, I the ove the graphics on the horses and realitic affects on the them like the jockeys using the whip to speed them up, you can evening breed your future champion give it try and see 03.09.04
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