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Civilization 3 ( III ) Game of the YearPlayer's Award

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Rate: 84% /100 Price: $3900   Read full Civilization 3 ( III ) Game of the Year reviews

Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
      It’s quite a time since Sid Meier imagined and created Civilization I – the most advanced and complex strategy game ever created. Now we have Civilization 3 in stores. Even more advanced, very rich in options, and finally – with really improved graphicsJ “The Way of Strategy” is still the only game’s passion, and still highly appreciated by players.
      Civilization requires sharp decisions from players now. It became really harder to complete the easiest difficulty level. Computer opponents make more warriors and advance faster, therefore I recommend you to start playing from the easiest level to learn multiple improvements and changes. You will feel what I mean on your own skin after first several hundred years have passed!
      As always, it’s up to you to decide whether you wish to advance your people to almost god heights, or to battle all neighbors and join their tribes to your nation. It can be probably a similar tribe too, if you've played not smart enough, hehe
      Here are some features I consider really great and want to point to:
a) Interface became a bit easier to control your “very very big and very mighty” (repeat 3 times as mantra) Empire J
b) Units can get diseased!
c) Peace can be even more peaceful now - more political deals in your inventory. This adds to the number of possible game endings.

P.S. I don’t recommend you to use cheats first times you play the game. You might easy lose an interest to this magnificent game. Be patient and smart to find easy enough ways of strategy keeping you from using cheat codes.

P.P.S. I must admit I still play my beloved Civilization II from time to time ;-) People are still using bicycles after cars were invented ;-)

Offline gameplay:
Publisher: Atari
ESRB Ratio:

Extras and features:

Requirements: Pentium II 300 Mhz, 32 MB RAM, DirectX 8.0 compatible video card, DirectX 8.0 compatible sound card ,  Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP

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Rate: 89%
Price: $3995
Overcome the greatest leaders of all time to construct the final empire.
player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
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yum .tis game is cool but they need more stuff like supersoniq bombers colors to shouse from and start your civilization in ther reall contenet like the russian shuld start of in siberi asia. 23.06.07
matt its me agian i just 4got 2 say that ... DONT DOWNLOAD ANEY CIVILIZATION GAME UNDER NUMBER3.... I DID... AND THEY RNT SO GOOD. but then thats why there are ceqals, so it can get bett kk bi 08.02.07
ALy its the best strategy game i ve ever played .. if u dare .. contact me to play online 19.07.06
raf raf did u know there might bee a civ 6? 11.07.06
youcantseeme i know how to do it 23.05.06
CIV3 ive never played it but im down loading it now sweet! 16.05.06
andarooo can you play it online? 29.04.06
serg75 dont be fooled by the pic its an awsome game 30.03.06
Kody THa Walmart king so yeah no one but civ 3 on here u go any where else and u can buy it for 9.95 woowoo yeah so yeah if any one has my space add me at yeah any one kno a way to get multiplayer on civ3 ???with out buying gold ??cuz i lost my gold copy 19.12.05
ChillyWilly One of the best games ever, I started playing the original civ back when I was 8 and lover it then now 15 years later and it has gotten better and more exciting 08.12.05
CIVFREAK This is the best game ever played. Civ 4 came out a couple days ago I hope it is going to be as good as the 3rd one. 21.11.05
yo dude its cool like hell 16.11.05
Derek This is the best strategy/simulation game I have ever played. I remember the first time I played the game in high school. I was staying the night at a friends house and he was playing the game. I watched him for awhile and he suggested I start a city... Needless to say, he went to bed and I stayed up the whole night playing the game. 03.11.05
Gibbyboy13 A great game.Came with a 'Create yoir own world' tool.I get to play the game all the way through without the problem of other civillisations cause when i make a map i stuff em on an island somewhere. 01.11.05
Sexy Mike ok, i downloaded this game on my old comp and it rocked! but now i got a new comp and i cant install it, i cann download it but when i try to install, (like the part where it says "connecting" and then you install it) well it just sits there saying connecting, wont go or anything, i dunno since this is a new comp maybe it dont install because of a fire wall or something...i dunno, anyone have any ideas? plz!1 i really want to play this. 28.10.05
bwakel i have been playing this game for 2 years now and it is still fun i especially like to play "space race" on Deity. The graphics are nice and most maps are massive i really like this it is a good game and everyone should have it. 30.09.05
weemick greatest strategy/war game ive ever played 31.08.05
ZLATAN The best game ever, i'm playing it for several years but still on it :)) 30.08.05
SSJVegeta4 Greatest strategy game ever. Even comes with a CivIII Editor so you can build your own world and play through the whole game without difficulty 27.08.05
mnwy its fun but i really want to be able to do more stuff like sim city for instance you get to do all kinds of stuff but this you dont nice game just needs more features 03.06.05
Anti-Playstation What a pathetic screenshot. Dont be fooled, its a great game... 30.04.05
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