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Civilization V with Community Patch.

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Genre and what to do:
    Civilization V with Community Patch.
    The community of "Civilization" series admirers often scolds/thumbs down new versions of this grand game, and they play the previous ones, using a large number of add-ons released by fans. With the fifth version released, this was not the case. After the fourth Civ, it became a breath of fresh air, bringing a huge variety to the gameplay. Although many gamers liked final scores calculations existed in previous Civilization versions. The sixth Civ part struck gamers with exorbitant system requirements, a changed interface, seemingly small improvements, etc. For a long time, after the release of the sixth part, the number of people who bought and played the fifth part was much larger. To this day, Civilization V, with the Community Patch installed, is considered the best of all existing versions of the game. Only exclusion - is a hardcore audience that worships Freeciv project, and I cannot disagree with them here.:)
    Like "Alternative Balance" changed Gothic 3 to unbelievable heights of gameplay passion, Community Patch fixes a swarm of errors as well. It makes AI more smart and ingame balance becomes topnotch intrigue.
    Referring to Civilization VI - the vanilla version looks fairly bland and simplistic, but with the addition of Gathering Storm and a little Rise and Fall, it blossoms in the light of these additions. Along with dark ages (epochs), governors, loyalty, and so long-awaited Gathering Storm content, Civ 6 is worth being completed a lot of times too.
    Civilization 5 review, with Community Patch, applied.
    The Community Patch is the crucial part of a whole Civ5 modification concept, mainly aimed at improving AI, resource balance, and leveling up gameplay logic. It is a collection of independent authors' modifications and their symbiosis.
    AI changes:
    This is the biggest change, and it diversifies the CP behavior mostly. AI level is improved to the skies, and thus war/diplomatic AI now "thinks" almost like real people, not just receiving more resources with difficulty raise. AI-controlled Cities are built more reasonably. Unit movement rules have been altered, army units use all their abilities correctly, and can plan things together not just like a sheep's crowd.:)
    Diplomatic relationships now can be planned by the player, since AI acts more predictably and reasonably. Instead of having war declared after a peace signing, players can now foresee political flows for at least several turns. Leaders consider and surmise more ingame parameters before making 'political' decisions.
    The new system of happiness short overview:
    The new happiness system has become much more organic, deeper, and more natural, which is closely related to how the whole mod is played as a conglomerate, not just casual patch, etc. The old, static happiness modifiers have been removed and replaced with population needs. Each city requires a certain amount of resources per unit of population. And if there are not enough resources, then the happiness parameter will decrease, depending on the level of certain resources shortage. This misfortune affects the global system of population happiness. Luxuries, Wonders, Social Policies, etc - impact so-called Global Happiness.
    The demands and needs of communities are now named organically, so the civil system becomes and feels like a society. Citizens do not complain about the lack of culture, they may grieve about the lack of entertainment or literacy. And therefore players can build a building appropriate to certain needs of citizens, and maintain the city population happy and content.
    New knowledge, skills, and features of races and leaders.
    At the game's beginning, changes in the happiness system cannot be immediately felt, while racial abilities- can. Now, these are not just some random bonuses - civilizations became closer to history. Leaders got a lot of new perks, etc.
    New items have been added to the Community Patch, such as luxury items. Or, for example, paper, is necessary for scientific development in the early stages of civilization forming. A new extended interface has been introduced - a complete reworking and higher complexity in comparison to the old interface. Various icons and icons have been added to the edges of the screen, helping the player to act faster, and thus saving time to think more about the game, not just wandering through a set of windows.
    The completely new part of the economical game model is Corporations, you can open them, and advance through cities by offices and franchises. Added War exhaustion. The terrain got new additions as well.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: 2K Games
ESRB Ratio: Everyone 10+

Extras and features:

Requirements: OS: Windows 7 or higher, CPU: 64-bit processor and operating system, RAM: 8 GB, DirectX: 10 Hard Drive: 8 GB

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