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Full WESTWARD review
Rate: 95%
    Purchase WESTWARD game   Free demo of WESTWARD game
Stake your claim in the wild, untamed West!
Rate: 95%
Overcome the greatest leaders of all time to construct the final empire.
Rate: 95%
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A ruthless dictator has taken supervision of the tiny nation of Arulco.
Rate: 95%
Play as a distinguished commander of both the Union and Confederate forces and..
Full BLITZKRIEG review
Rate: 95%
      Read BLITZKRIEG review(s)
Blitzkrieg is the fine art of tactic, merely with greatly even mo

full Strategy games for PC

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AGEOD's American Civil War: 1861-1865 - The Blue and the Gr

02.07.08 44% More...
Put your political and military acumen to the test in this turn-based...

Elements of Destruction

04.06.08 71% More...
Control the Weather - Destroy the World! Use your inventions to discharge...

Border Defense: National Security Patrol

04.06.08 52% More...
Construct, staff and enforce checkpoint gates, holding cells, command centers...

Battle Mages

04.06.08 53% More...
Restore peace and prevent chaos for your universe and the races that exist....

Youda Camper

04.06.08 51% 17.00 mb
Welcome to the distinguished outdoors! Create and run your greatly personal camp

Band of Bugs

04.06.08 51% 34.19 mb
Battle brutish beetles in Band of Bugs!

Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier

04.06.08 51% 37.66 mb
Work to bring the elusive Copperhead Gang to justice!

Medieval II Total War: Gold Edition

31.03.08 49% More...
Command 10,000 bloodthirsty troops in embittered holy wars and expand their...

Caesar IV

19.12.07 69% More...
Hail Caesar! The cool selling city builder series returns.

Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East

04.12.07 84% More...
Following this brilliant conclusion to the Heroes of Might and Magic V story...

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

03.12.07 51% More...
Warfare on An Epic Scale! Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance continues the...

Shogun: Total War Gold Edition

06.11.07 61% More...
The benchmark game that redefined genuine time tactic titles.

Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms

06.11.07 88% More...
Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms is the official expansion to final year's...

World In Conflict

02.11.07 78% More...
War is Coming Home.

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

02.11.07 76% More...
The next chapter in the #1 rated RTS franchise thrusts gamers within a hellish.

Empires and Dungeons

30.10.07 67% 23.56 mb
Build castles, hire armies and explore dungeons in this strategic game!

Virtual Villagers

26.10.07 78% More...
Guide villagers in learning how to outlive in this real-time modelling game!

Defender of the Crown: Heroes Live Forever

31.07.07 69% More...
The beloved Cinemaware classic returns! Battle five cunning lords for control...


21.06.07 57% 17.76 mb
A story tactic and RPG game with a the merely mixture of journey, action...

Commandos Strike Force

21.06.07 83% More...
Experience intense World War II stealth combat for the initial time.

American History Lux

20.06.07 39% 14.00 mb
Enrich yourself with this tactic game that takes you on all path above the wars

Defender of the Crown

20.06.07 67% 54.50 mb
Battle five cunning lords for supervision of medieval England. Build and lead...

Joint Task Force

18.05.07 63% More...
The definitive 21st century tactic game has arrived. Lead the fight to...

Soldiers: Heroes of World War II

28.04.07 73% More...
Soldiers: Heroes of World War II brings the realism of war within your personal

Sword of the Stars

16.01.07 51% More...
Sword of the Stars is a space tactic where gamers can explore planets...

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LOOP.<br> This is a full circle in a vertical plane. As you can see, we can assume that the loop - a combination of Immelman and Coup or vice versa. The maneuver is convenient because of its result, you Not only can miss the opponent forward, but also the fact that when exit maneuver your weapon already is in a position that is convenient for combat use. <br> How to start a loop - a coup or, conversely, with Immelman, your cause, it depends on the particular situation. In the calculation is your height and speed, as well as the position of the enemy. <br> Discrepancies. This is a critical part of air combat. Of course the best way to get out of it - is to bring down his opponent. But by various reasons it may be impossible. Maybe you ran out of missiles, perhaps you realize that you in this battle is not win, but the plane is very expensive, it is worth trying to save. May have you running out of gas. The reasons can be many, but sooner or later, there comes a point when you start thinking about and as a "get out of this mess." <br> Given the high speed of modern missiles, air-to-air missiles and their considerable range, out of the battle is much harder than enter into it. We must first and foremost as a break away from the opponent and try to increase the distance between you, before he realizes what you want done. This requires an accurate calculation, without which one can killed while trying to escape.
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