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Genre and what to do:
   Turn-based strategy. Welcome to Massive Assault Network 2 that challenges you to take part in intense online multiplayer battles throughout 25 futuristic planets. Assume a role of a wise commander and lead your land, air and naval forces to victory and glory. The goal of the game is to achieve dominance over a planet by capturing the maximum number of countries within the minimum number of turns. Each planet contains numerous small countries, which are divided into your secret allies, opponent.s secret allies and neutral countries. You can.t see opponent.s secret allies until they.ll be disclosed that makes game play much challenging and interesting. The game begins from disclosing one of your secret allies and recruiting military units on its territory. All military forces include land, naval and air units with different characteristics: armor, damage, movement and fire range. Combat phase goes after that, meaning that you can invade nearby country or destroy enemy units. Here tactics and strategic thinking must be implemented, because after invasion an enemy has the right to employ guerillas (the quantity depends on the level of a country development), which attack first and may destroy your units before you start Combat phase. After Combat phase, there is Disclosure phase, during which you may disclose one of your secret allies or may not, everything depends on countries location and your strategy. So during every turn you conduct guerilla ( if enemy conquer neutral country or your ally) Combat, Recruitment, and Disclosure phases. In order to seize a country and gain indemnity, you are to capture the capital and eliminate all the enemy units on its territory. When you win a game you earn awards and rise in rank, so if you are wise and persistent you may make military career from conscript to marshal. It should be also mentioned that MAN 2 contains comprehensive tutorial and A.I. opponents for training that helps to learn nuts and bolts of the game before you fight against live opponents from all over the world. There are plenty of customizable options like time per round, size of the land and number of allies on each side that adds favor to game play and allows you either to create your own game or join to a game that someone else has set up.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
   Massive Assault Network 2 is designed with colorful solid graphics that is away from perfection but is decent in comparison with other games of this genre. Planets, trees, water, and mountains are well rendered though they lack realism. Due to impressive 3D engine, everything goes smoothly with no glitches. I must tell that graphics isn.t a prevailing feature for this genre. The more important here is in-game atmosphere that is achieved by unique game concept, thrilling orchestra soundtracks, advanced chat system and wide range of military units. As for military units, they are different on both sides (Phantom League and Free Nation Union) and impress by variety, so be ready to use LAV, tanks, heavy bots, rocket launchers, amphibians, submarines, battleships, helicopters, fighters and more. The sound effects are quite good in MAN 2 but not prominent. They include voice acting in the tutorial missions and battlefield sounds, such as engine roar, explosions, whistle of rockets, sounds of fire, etc. What is really outstanding in the game is music; you listen to orchestra soundtracks, which suit perfectly and help to create unique atmosphere of war. I would like to tell a few words about game community; regardless of country and rank, the majority of players help you willingly to sort any problem out and even give you apiece of advice concerning strategy and tactics. All in all, Massive Assault Network 2 is a decent turn-based strategy that surely appeals to wide range of players due to numerous innovations in concept, smooth performance of graphics engine and game server, and friendly community. If you are looking for professionally worked-out game, try this one.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: Yes
Publisher:, Inc.
ESRB Ratio: Everyone

Extras and features:
25 Original Planets
42 Futuristic Military Units
Make a Career from Conscript to Marshal
Comprehensive Tutorial
Thrilling Orchestra Soundtracks
Innovative Game Concept
I wish explosions and water have been more realistic

Requirements: Windows 98/2000/XP, 256MB RAM,750 MHz CPU x86 compatible, 32MB Directx 8.1 video, 650MB HDD space ,  Win98,WinXP,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,Windows2003

Alternative names: Massive Assault Network II, Massive Assault Network Two, MAN II, MAN 2, MAN Two, MassiveAssaultNetwork2.

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Sharky Excellent game, like it very much! 21.05.08
Pavel Very good gameplay! 25.10.07
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