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Master of Orion 3Golden Crown award of TGPlayer's Award

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Genre and what to do:
Do you feel thirst for power, you are boring with strategies where you build pitiable villages and conquer other poorly crowded ones? The pieces of land usually given are too tight for you? You want to reign not few kingdoms or nations but galaxies? Master Of Orion III gives you power of inter universal God. Create your intergalactic empire. Keep at your policy in interplanet congress. Unleash wars with other worlds. Control your race economic strategy. Invent new technologies. It's just time to prostrate The Universe!!!    

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
First what can come in mind to say about Master of Orion 3 is that it is .tremendous.! Strategies have never been so massive and comprehensive. It makes you think on a cosmic scale. It gives you everything what it takes to rule worlds. And it can be definitely classified as .must have. game.

Offline gameplay:
Multiplayer: Yes
Publisher: Atari
ESRB Ratio: Teen (13+)

Extras and features:
· 16 unique races and a possibility to create your own
· About 400 star systems
· Enormous choice of intergalactic military technics Possibility to research and customize your own ships and weapons
· Up to 1500 units at the same battlefield
· Amazing space battles
· Choose brood technologies to such as espionage, betrayal, subversion and assassination to seat yourself in the highest chair of Orion
· Economical aspects of strategy Plan budgets
Flaws and disadvantages:
· A bit complicated control

Requirements: 300 MHz Pentium II, 128 MB RAM, DirectX 8.0 Compatible Video and Sound Card ,  Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP

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In space, no one can hear you clean.In Clash'N Slash, you must defend your planet from pesky alien invaders.Zoom within five cosmic Match 3 worlds.Fly as a pilot on a recon mission.
.player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
robert This is the worst game I ever played. I bought it back in 2004 and have been plagued with nightmares ever since. I have been seeing a therapist and concluded that i need to warn the world about this game if only to stop another person from buying this game. if you value your sanity do not buy this game. 15.01.12
styles this game iz AMAZING as long as you have an hour to learn the controls or, if youdon't buy the full game, you can find somewhere to download free trial a second time. 30.06.07
olly dude this game is awsome but i havnt played it in about 4 months becouse of wear 07.04.07
tincupree i played it before and im gonna play it again.... might i add this is the only game i am going to replay... 01.05.05
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