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Genre and what to do:
    UFO: Enemy Unknown (aka X-COM: UFO Defense) ??“ the legendary game ,that laid the foundation to X-COM universe. Right after having been released, the game became highly admired by lots of players, if not even legendary, and remains unbeaten up to these days, unless it has several XCOM series descendants. The same can be said about second UFO ??“ Terror from the Deep, which is often (and not fairly) considered by game critics as simple remake of 1st UFO.
    It seems only first and second parts of a whole bunch of XCOM series still are in a great favor of gamers. Mostly because of balanced gameplay, and artwork, designed and painted with a great talent. A whole game design, developed in a well-worn, technological architecture, sometimes metallic ??“ injects bleak and gloomy tones to both games atmosphere. Any of predecessors up to 2015 weren??™t able to repeat same playability, therefore our only chance to fight aliens for love of the game ??“ is to play these two 1993-1994 released games.
    Gameplay is a synergy of real-time strategy to bases management and turn-based tactics on a battlefield. While building bases, you cover more and more territory with radars to trace UFOs, intercept them and then send recon team. You should research Earth technologies, as well as alien ones. When recon team arrives and crush/landing place, terrorized city, or alien base ??“ turn based part of the game is initiated. There you should kill or capture alive all live aliens on given territory.
    In strategy mode, you need to build and develop your bases, shoot down alien ships, research them, and master new technologies in order to eventually find and destroy the main alien base. Also, the most important task of XCOM units is to protect the civilian population. If this role is not fulfilled, the governments of the countries of the world will stop funding and the entire XCOM movement will be disbanded, the game will be lost, and hordes of various alien races will capture our Earth with you.
    The aliens are in a hurry to take over the Earth, so their aircraft are ploughing the sky. Tactical missions include capturing downed or landed alien ships, while defending your base from aliens attacking it, or saving cities from raider missions. And also (the most pleasant) - when capturing the bases of the invaders themselves.
    X-COM: Terror from the Deep ??“
    In 1995 Microprose decided to release X-COM sequel using same engine and gameplay. Despite the new game is almost identical to its predecessor, a handful of new strokes and completely new artwork made X-COM 2 highly playable and different to X-COM 1.
    A story begins when drowned in Mexican gulf, a giant alien spaceship T'leth, filled with several underwater alien races, their servants, and swarms of deadly weapons and technologies ??“ has awaken. And now X-COM subdivision must seek, capture and destroy new enemies underwater.
    * Game artwork is not only completely different, but much more detailed and diverse.
    * X-COM soldiers rise their stats more slowly, disposing of annoying moments when player completed only 10% of the game and his squad already risen their stats to maximum, making further gameplay less many-sided. The game became more difficult as well through this change.
    * Many missions have now two stages, like the final one from Enemy Unknown.
    * Some missions are on the ground, and you can??™t use certain amount of underwater weapons.
    * In my opinion, enemies became smarter and more cautious. Sometimes it takes more than ten turns to find last alien shrunk into some ???dark??? corner.
    * Names of all weapons, buildings and alien artifacts are changed, though their essence remained same.
    * Technological tree became more complex and harder to investigate succession of steps needed to open a certain technology to research. TFTD has some bugs with tech tree, but release of OpenXcom project has opened a way for us to play TFTD without old bugs that were never fixed.
    OpenXCOM (later - OX)? ??“ is the shell, that combines completely rewritten program code of original XCOM series ??“ Enemy Unknown, and Terror from the Deep. Please note, that OX requires original game copy to be bought (yep, it??™s still commercial).
    OX gives a possibility for player to change all of ingame parameters, including units/weapons/buildings stats, game artwork, and so on. A bunch of bugs not fixed by original developers, solved by OX team. OX welcomes MODs and it??™s really easy to integrate them with the game.
    OpenXCOM project fully repeats storyline and gameplay of original ???UFO: Enemy Unknown??? and ???Terror from the Deep??? titles.
    As to hardware and system compatibility ??“ OX supports all video resolutions, modern audio cards, has a lot of settings, which can tune game look even on modern HD displays.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: SupSuper
ESRB Ratio: T:Everyone

Extras and features:

Requirements: OS: Windows 7 or higher, CPU: literally any, but 1Ghz+ will be better. RAM: 512+ MB, DirectX: 9+, Hard Drive: 20 MB + original files.

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