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Tradewinds Classic

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Genre and what to do:
Strategy. Borderless, full of danger seas of the 19th century Far East are waiting for you in Tradewinds Classic. Numerous thrilling adventures await for you as you travel along the bustling and dangerous Silk Road, trading exotic goods and engaging in real-time battles as you build the most powerful trading caravan the world has ever seen! Choose one of six characters to begin an uneasy way to a glory and welfare. To achieve the goal you are to be a successful merchant, a brave warrior, a skilful tactic and just a lucky beggar. Be ready to embark on challenging quests, hire fiercely loyal warriors and explore a long-lost world teeming with tantalizing secrets, hidden cities and legends of mythical creatures. Numerous ruthless pirates, storms and other obstacles encounter on your way, but nothing can stop you. Ply from one port to another to make profitable bargains, repair or buy ships, speak with city.s authorities and visit local establishments. The more ships you have the more cargo you can take and the more battle-worthy you are. One more way to gain profit is to become a pirate hunter, but it is only for the most courageous. With enough wisdom, courage and luck you too can become a Tai-Pan!

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
Tradewinds Classic is the amusing strategy game that features colorful graphics, diverse sound effects and suitable music. The designers worked hard in order to make the game much better in all aspects and we must admit that they succeed in it. Graphics is detailed and colourful; sound effects are really great and suitable. The interface is clear and substantial. There are two game modes: Story and Free Trade. In Story mode you are to fulfil different tasks of local governors to earn money and special items. At the same time you may be engaged in commerce to gain additional profit. Playing Free Trade you sail from one port to another and conduct trade with port's merchants. Numerous pirates are waiting for you in high seas; use special powerful ammo to defeat them. Have a favourite wind!

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Sandlot Games
ESRB Ratio: Everyone

Extras and features:
· Original Characters with Dozens of Individual Storylines
· Find Special Items and Customize Gameplay
· Huge Arsenal
· Hundreds of Challenging Adventures
· Exotic Ports to Visit
· Buy low, sell high, and build your fortune
· Repetitive music

Requirements: Windows XP/Vista,Processor: 750 MHz,DirectX 7.0,256 MB RAM,Free hard drive space: 10 MB,32MB VRAM

Alternative names: TradewindsClassic, Trade winds Classic, Tradewinds Classics, Tardewinds Classic, Tradewinds Clasic

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