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Full LIVE BILLIARDS 2 review
Rate: 91% Price: $1995
    Purchase LIVE BILLIARDS 2 game   Free demo of LIVE BILLIARDS 2 game
The utmost pool games collection. Perfect physics, net play.
Rate: 88% Price: $1995
    Purchase KASPAROV CHESSMATE (CD) game   Read KASPAROV CHESSMATE (CD) review(s)
Kasparov Chessmate is an thrilling modelling chess game.
Full EVER MAHJONG review
Rate: 84% Price: $1999
    Purchase EVER MAHJONG game   Free demo of EVER MAHJONG game
User friendly interface, relaxing atmosphere, highly adjustable gamefield.
Rate: 83% Price: $2295
    Purchase MAHJONG IN POCULIS game   Free demo of MAHJONG IN POCULIS game
Nonordinary Mahjong game for Windows 7, Vista and XP with 300 levels.
Full MONOPOLY 3 review
Rate: 82% Price: $1995
    Purchase MONOPOLY 3 game   Read MONOPOLY 3 review(s)
Monopoly 3 peculiarities cleverly lively tokens; bright 3-D graphics...

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Mahjong In Poculis

13.05.11 83% 58.00 mb
Nonordinary Mahjong game for Windows 7, Vista and XP with 300 levels.

Live Sic Bo

08.08.08 51% More...
Live Sic Bo presents you an opportunity to take pleasure Sic Bo game in fairly t

Sic Bo

08.08.08 64% More...
Sic Bo is translated from Chinese similar to "dice pair".


08.08.08 51% More...
Craps is one of the nearly fairly well known games in the world.


20.07.07 57% 6.43 mb
Colorful and three-dimensional table game Backgammon.

Fruit Lockers

30.06.07 80% More...
First, unleash the fruits from lockers, and then swap the fruits.

3D Air Hockey

30.06.04 70% 1.35 mb
PC modelling of the air hockey game with three-dimensional artwork and network

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History of Table Games part 2.
In 1978, Neyman Marcus (Neiman Marcus) has demonstrated its "good taste", saying in a Christmas catalog your company's 600-dollar full-size game of Monopoly. "Required parts were cast in chocolate, which gave the game another level of sweetness.
Finally, the Franklin Mint (Franklin Mint) has released a collector's "Monopoly" for $ 550, where all the pieces were cast in silver or gold.
Not all people know, but it's true that the names of different places and streets in the classic Monopoly are named after similar streets in Atlantic City, but nothing else. Any owner of coastal property risks triggering a popular uprising, just trying to rename any involved in the Monopoly streets. Here is an example!
It was 1972, when Atlantic City began the company to improve its image. One element of the campaign was to rename the streets and bolt Mediterranean in Fairmont and Melrose. The proposal came from the chairman of the National Commission on Labor.
News about renaming literally shock wave went through the amateur game. When the chairman went with his suggestion to the people, hundreds of townspeople gathered the votes were in favor of retaining the old names.
Perhaps the main argument, which was guided by the chairman of the National Commission on Labor, which takes back his proposal was a letter from the president of Parker Brothers, Edward P. Parker, which said: "Maybe you really want to say to fans of" Monopoly "from California who will come to them for the legendary city that the streets with their favorite titles are no more? Or do you want to call the invasion of hordes of players with protests and suggestions to immediately go to jail without the right of the transition to a cage «GO»? » Anyway, the chairman heard enough is enough. The protest was accepted, and the streets have retained their old names.
Many people think "Monopoly"-the quintessential American game, which gives players the opportunity to try their luck. Although, perhaps, Americans love this game because it allows you to simply take a break from all around the world.
Today, Monopoly is licensed in more than 45 countries, and the list continues to grow. 26 languages, which publish game include Indian, Arabic, Portuguese, Croatian, Czech, Icelandic and Russian. Most foreign editions are adapted to the names on the playing field, and currency in the countries where it is sold. For example Boardwalk became Mayfair in England, Rue-de-Shares in France and Shlossallee in Germany.
While many players to compete fairly with the best of friends or neighbors, are among them, and "Twister." It is for these players championship on Monopoly at the local, national and international level. International Championship, which was first passed in 1973, still held in the most prestigious places such as Monte Carlo in 1996.
At present, the world champion on "Monopoly" is Christopher Woo (Christopher Wu) from Hong Kong.
Battleship game.
Multiplayer mode.
3D Pool games.
Play online!

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