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Imperial GloryPlayer's Award

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Genre and what to do:
Strategy. The task is to control one of the suggested European powers of the Napoleonic war. You must submit minor countries to your empire. The aim of all the battles is to conquer Europe . All the necessary resources must be produced for your empire. The resources can be used to improve the empire's infrastructure. You should trade and conclude treaties with your neighbors. Ruling the empire successfully brings bonuses. Ships are used for battles at the sea. The map helps to rule the empire. Diplomacy is a weak point in the game, force is much more effective.    

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
The game is based on historical events. The events take place in the nineteenth century on the big map of Europe . At the beginning of the game you have a few territories under your control. It's not a good game for impatient players. From the start the empire have nothing, it doesn't bring profit. Only after some years of development it may conquer the neighbor countries, bring some profit. The land battles are vividly depicted on the map. The campaign is interesting and involving. The camera and the sound system are good.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: Yes
Publisher: Eidos
ESRB Ratio: T (teenagers)

Extras and features:
a) Five historical battles.
b) Four main resources: gold, production, population, food.
c) Five playable empires: Great Britain , France , Russia , Prussia , Austria .
d) Consists of two parts: the strategy map, the field.
e) The events take place on land and at sea.
· Difficult to coordinate naval battle
· Not many historical battles
· Game's menu runs not good
· The game isn't quite easy to manage

Requirements: Windows 2000/XP
Processor: PIII 1 GHz
DirectX 9
256 MB RAM
Free hard drive space: 2.5 GB

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