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Genre and what to do:
I came, I saw, I conquered or veni, vidi, vici like Romans used to say. It's high time for great campaign. Rome empire expands its immense frontiers. Praetorian's period takes us to the time of Roman Empire prosperity and then leaves us head-to-head with developer's fantasy as to those times events. Actually it is your task to write these history pages. The outcome of this real time strategy battles depends not on heroes but on armies. Actually the game gives us an opportunity to become a Roman General and takes you to the snowy Gaul and desert Egypt . There is a proverb: .In Rome do like Romans do. but if you are Roman do your best for Rome.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
It is truly captivating 3D real time strategy with splendid graphics, realistic and fully three-dimensional relief, real for those times weapons. You will take part in horrible and cold blooded battles and impressive forts assaults. Go ahead and fight for the Great Roman Empire.

Offline gameplay: Up to 8 players via LAN
Multiplayer: Up to 8 players
Publisher: Eidos interactive
ESRB Ratio: Teen (13+)

Extras and features:
a) Helm three different and unique civilizations Roman, Gaul and Egyptian ones.
b). Unique siege technics useful in open battles as well as in fortresses assaults or defense.
c) Over 20 varied campaign missions.
d) Variety of terrains and landscapes.
a) Camera options sometimes limited.
b) We don't know if it is pros or cons but game is more tended for battle strategy than for economical one.

Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP

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BiNdErS want to play on the internet but cant, how do i do it??!? 22.06.07
jouko i have only visa electron and i want praetorians pc game how i get it? 22.03.06
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