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Full TANK-O-BOX review
Rate: 86% Price: $1995
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The final battle-tanking past knoweledge with three-dimensional remake of a clas
Rate: 83% Price: $1999
Play as a distinguished commander of both the Union and Confederate forces and..
Full THINK TANKS review
Rate: 74% Price: $999
    Purchase THINK TANKS game   Free demo of THINK TANKS game
A three-dimensional tank combat game manufactured to be a "blast".
Full WAR ON FOLVOS review
Rate: 73% Price: $699
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Lead your army to victory in this turn-based tactic game!


Full RISK review
Rate: 67% Price: $999
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This classic game of tactic and tactics comes to life with cutting-edge AI.

full Tank games for PC

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Tank Battle

03.04.07 47% More...
Battle to win the city and the car!

Last Galaxy Hero

05.01.07 56% More...
Battleships are attacking, so you'd cool be prepared for a stubborn struggle.

Toy Tanks

19.12.06 53% More...
Tiny tanks are taking over!

Think Tanks

20.07.06 74% 9.52 mb
A three-dimensional tank combat game manufactured to be a "blast".

Tank Wars

29.08.05 57% More...
Cruise the streets and reduce enemy tanks and helicopters to win in this game.

The Tanks

24.03.05 26% 0.08 mb
The tank battle on the obvious screen.


05.08.04 86% 4.10 mb
The final battle-tanking past knoweledge with three-dimensional remake of a clas


05.07.04 57% 1.66 mb
IronHero is three-dimensional tank shooter game with unlimited mission pack and

Gulf War Operation Desert Hammer

29.08.03 61% More...
Gulf War Operation Desert Hammer is a classic arcade-action shooter.

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History of air combat, part 16
SCISSORS. This is a series of rotations and counter rotations whose purpose is the same - go to your opponent in a ponytail. Particularly common maneuver is applied after frontal approach, when both players turned in one direction. The main task - to miss the opponent slightly forward, which you need Reduce speed to the minimum possible. Those who remain behind, and he must win this battle. Traction motors is reduced to minimum, you can use the flaps, but should take precautions from hovering aircraft and falling through into a tailspin.
BARREL. This is a series of coups through the wing, but the direction movement of the aircraft at the same time must remain constant. Main objective - to increase the force of air drag and slow down. If the enemy is "hung" from behind, he can out of inertia "Slip" past and you will reverse roles.
TURN-Immelman. This maneuver is named after the Max Immelman, the German ace of World War, which brought it into practice. "Immelman" - a half-loop with a half-roll. Original position - the level flight, the nose may be slightly raised upwards. For the exact execution of this maneuver is necessary to have good speed. The programs, simulators during the first world war, this technique is very rare - planes do not have enough speed.
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