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Lemonade Tycoon 2: New York City EditionGolden Crown award of TGPlayer's Award

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Rate: 88% /100 Price: $1999   Read full Lemonade Tycoon 2: New York City Edition reviews

Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

Genre and what to do:
Go to New York City and build your American Dream. Find if you have everything what it takes to create your lemonade empire. Buy equipment, adjust prices and recipes. Set lemonade stands in different areas from Bronx to Time Square and Statue of Liberty. Purchase accessories and upgrades to improve the quality. Make customer be satisfied with your product.    

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
One of the best business simulations with plenty of options, upgrades and possibilities to spread your lemonade business or even to conquer this branch in the city of New York where cherish dreams come true. Gameplay has enough to take you for hours providing you with tons of fun.

Offline gameplay:
Publisher: Jamdat Mobile
ESRB Ratio: Teen (13+)

Extras and features:
· Manage your stands in 19 different locations of NYC
· Post your game results on the Lemonade Stock Exchange Watch and compare your results with other gamers
· Buy new upgrades and equipment to be the best lemonade tycoon

Requirements: 64 MB RAM 16-bits Video Card ,  Windows 2000/2003/98/Me/XP

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player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
anonymous this game isawesome dudes 19.03.09
Phil_De_Pill .I keep on getting bankrupt... can you tell me the perfect recipie 12.12.07
**sanchi** this game is superb,awesome,cool. 60mins are too less to play there should be more time to play this game 27.02.07
donna are the games here fun or what 12.10.06
dicky this is the worst game in the history of games its worse than super mario world snes 09.08.06
olj1530 Loved this game and the first one. If you don't mind sharing the license # I would a ppreciate it. Thanx 30.07.06
Danielle hi im downloading this game it least it doesint take as long as school tycoon i couldnt be bothered to download it for a bout 1hr and even if i did my brother would wanna come on the computer and he would go made because im downloading games 23.07.06
urgh those leaving emails here, get ready to be spammed or hacked into~ releasing ur emails worldwide~ 30.06.06
Jake Hey, y'all word of advice, dont buy lemonade tycoon 2 off this site, you can go to wal-mart and get it for 10 bucks. 22.06.06
i dont gotta tell u that I WANT A FREE ONLINE TRIAL HOW ABOUT THE REST OF YOU? 20.06.06
ahmed plz sum1 give me a free edition 2 download this wicked game ! 05.06.06
me this game is stuped i have never played it befor rthats why 14.05.06
kietha just want to give a shout out to evereyone 31.03.06
Hi I want lemonade tycoon2 pls you are add me and send me pls... 14.03.06
lol well hahaha at least some of we're not BOFFINS! 11.01.06
kiki khuahi ta game sows cool tell ma how ta pepolls i no spee engolish well help ma 08.01.06
Bryson If you play it buy it 20 dollars ffs! I really can't understand cretins who go around stealing stuff 19.12.05
lemp man hey dudes......can anybody tell me da perfect recipe? i realy need it 08.12.05
Mwman i know a way to play it for ever: when your done plying, intstead of quiting the game, minimize it and turn off ur comp! it always works ; trust me 04.12.05
Lucas This game is so easy that you should be just about bored with it within an hour. 24.10.05
Batta i have lemonade tuycoon one can anyone send new york edition 21.10.05
^_^ can anyone tell me the perfect recipe 28.09.05
hot tycoon yo peps im downloading this cool game mall tycoon 2 cya peace peps 30.08.05
jason yo i downloaded this game its so so boring! 06.07.05
maskrider2 The game is quite nice,it needs stock, recipe,commercial and many others just like what you do in real life job.It will help to gain more knowledge if wanna be a Lemonade Seller.Heheheh...... 03.05.05
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