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Prison Tycoon

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Genre and what to do:
Strategy game. You are given the task to build the prison for the most dangerous criminals. Think of all the facilities and means of security in the prison. You must not forget that you deal with the most dangerous criminals. Don't be very hard with them because they may take revenge. You start the game with minimum security facilities. To be in good relations with prisoners give them time off or other privileges for good behavior. Stop fights between them, improve the security facilities.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
The graphics is quite decent though it lacks realism. You can zoom in to see the details. The prisoners are not very good depicted, they lack details. The sound effects are rather nice. In general, the game is rather interesting and addicting.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: ValuSoft
ESRB Ratio: Teen

Extras and features:
· A great amount of levels
· Many tasks
· Good sound effects
· The game lacks instruction
· The graphics must be improved

Requirements: Windows 98/Me/XP
Processor: PIII 700 MHz
DirectX 9
256 MB RAM
Free hard drive space: 500

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.player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
kaity my download only took 17 mins :P 07.09.08
Skittlez you guys you may think it takes to long but i have had games that took 3 freakin hours to download and thats because i quit before it was finished,its not that long and its so cool i keep on trying to download it from a different site and its the same so anyways its really sure youll like it. 16.06.08
Trill i've never played a game as exciting as this. 15.08.07
camille hey i like the game but it takes a while to load do you have a sim tycoon that would be cool 06.06.07
joan cena wwe champion .is cool 10.05.07
sage this game takes sooooooo! long. 06.03.07
.... It does not take that long to load. It takes about a half hour. 06.02.07
Gemma This games is taking forever to download. Let's hope the 'demo' is worth the wait. 12.01.07
chanel this takes forever to download but get dsl and it wotn take 4 ever but i have dsl and it still does! i hope this games i good 28.12.06
me....duh!! this game is so cool! it is the best, and I love the way they let you demo first, b/c it gives us a chance to play and see if we like it or not! GREAT JOB! 27.12.06
gloria you guys should have a house tycoon 14.12.06
Aneres 40 mins would be a blessing compaired to 20+ hours. So I can't download the demo but its cheap at some other stores so I'll just buy it. 17.11.06
lalalalala i have been waiting for a lil while nad i dont seem to be in pressed with it i hope it would hurry up a lil :) 06.10.06
author takes forever to load there a zoo tycoon??? 21.09.06
Dancediva i absolutely lovvvve tycoon games i just wish it would download faster and our trial could last a little longer but all is good so we will se how fun this is 01.09.06
dinoboy tycoon games are my fav games 01.09.06
Barrock This game is very fun, for about a day, then it gets very boring. Eventually you run out of room and have nothing to spend cash on. You have little control over your prison, all you do is build the buildings and watch the prisoners.. its very repetitive. I do not recommend this game. 21.08.06
tycoon judge good game but takes absolutely ages 2 download and i brodband aswell 16.08.06
annonomus tycoon games are going to far 27.06.06
AIhoopster Ilove these games but it takes a long time to load 27.06.06
tycoon games der best be sum more tycoon games to download coz des ones r gettin dry 24.06.06
b-rad this game blows roller coaster tycoon out of the water! 23.06.06
huskychick21 takes a while to download (about 39 mins) but looks ok 04.06.06
jubjub im waiting for this to load and theres no picture so i dont know if its gonna be gd or not. I've been downloading it for like, 30 seconds and its already 13% done, so you know, thats good. I can only hope the actual game is too! 23.05.06
gwa4life2006 Its good very good 30.04.06
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