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Genre and what to do:
School management game. Try yourself as a main person in building and managing the school. Build your own school the way you want. Attract teachers and pupils to your school. Hire only professional staff, watch your pupils and make sure that they learn everything otherwise you have problems. Improve the school building, add different buildings. Think about all the necessary facilities for pupils and teachers. Run your school perfectly and earn scores for this!

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
An exciting game. Construct all sorts of classrooms; improve the cafeteria to attract more pupils. At first, you hire not very professional teachers because you don't have enough money for very professional ones. But remember that the better teachers you have the more scores you get. The graphics and sounds are done on the medium level.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Global Star Software
ESRB Ratio: Teen

Extras and features:
· Two modes: Challenge and Sandbox
· Difficulty levels
· Twenty four levels
· More than ten subjects
· Fifty buildings to add to the school
· The graphics and sounds are good but not the best

Requirements: Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP Pentium III 500 MHz or faster 128 MB RAM 500 MB free hard disk space Dire ,  Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

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.player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
Jen Here's the deal... Everytime I download School Tycoon and I get all excited and I press play and everything but when i click on it nothing happens. I have tried it twice so this is my second time trying and yet it doesn't work! HELP ME! Now I HAVE CRUSHED HOPES! DOES SOMEONE HAVE A SOLUTION?! 17.03.09
Kara still downloading 20min later and its only the demo 29.11.08
ppl I don''t know why theres time limits and why theres demos. they should just give you everything for free. the game took 4 hours to download and im not joking im take a little nap but this game was really fun 08.07.08
bored this takes 4 ever the first bit s okay and zoomes through but the 2nd part tkes longer than it takes2 play the game itself please help wat shound i do ? 04.05.08
nhient why download take so long time???? actually just take 2 - 10 minutes to download..... 19.04.08
lee .use all hav noob conections i got 1500k's connection spped like 15 secs 02.03.08
Destinee all you people need to shut the hell up ...if you don't like the games, just don't play it and get over it duhhhhhh =p 11.01.08
Chatot WHAT! Mine took 5 hours and i cant play it!Lazy Computer! 02.01.08
loay I love this game but the 60 min make it stupid to play 28.12.07
Seriya Amere Carlento it only took 5 minutes for mine to load but we should get more than an hour to play 24.11.07
moniquie-jah mo insema lafi on ati to.ito is on mo ani loai 07.11.07
Adrianna Mine took about 10-15 min to download, but now it wont let me play it! The window that pops up after its downloaded that has the 'buy' 04.09.07
ADAM that game rocked but it took 13 minutes to load watched a baseball game and saw 2 innings while it was loading SNORE - GOD! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! don't waste your time 24.08.07
Manson Yeah, people, if the downloads are going slow for this...they're going to go slow for EVERY demo you download. You just have slow connections. *Me got a T2 MUAHAHAHAHAHA, 1 below the fastest connection!* 02.08.07
befer thois game take so freeekin long to download if its not good im going to shoot myself 16.07.07
shadowblade06 Mine took 1 sec O_O 12.07.07
efjerj it took me 30 seconds to download it 7 hrs is too much 09.07.07
d gagne boring zzzZZZZZ what oh hi is it done nope zzzZZZZZZ 05.07.07
jeremyh you need to download winrar free download! just search winrar and download the download 27.06.07
t17 .yo all have slow coumputers if you have any thing wrong 26.06.07
217 .some of you just have slow coumputers 26.06.07
lulu .look its great it took me 20 minutes and i have A SLOW COMPUTER ! 25.06.07
dirt bag .wooohooooo! it only took 30 sec to download! 21.06.07
Paris This game is so fun but it takes so much time. I bought the game and It is still annoying and it takes longer! 19.06.07
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