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Vet Emergency 2Player's Award

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Genre and what to do:
Simulation of a vet clinic game. You are a veterinarian in the emergency clinic. Find a lot of cats, dogs, birds and other animals which need your help. You are responsible for their life. Use all the necessary tools and procedures to treat them. Start the game as a new employee. The clinics consists of Four rooms. You use the reception and the patient rooms more often than other rooms. If you show yourself as a good veterinarian you get the status of a Chief Vet!

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
The game is rather interesting though the graphics and sound effects are not well-done. Not much attention is paid to the details. The game bears an educational character. Veterinarians or those who want to become a vet enjoy this game. You play the game and learn at the same time.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: Legacy Interactive
ESRB Ratio: Teen

Extras and features:
· Thirty five kinds of pets
· Four clinic's rooms : Trauma, Treatment, Reception and Lounge
· The graphics and sound effects are not good

Requirements: Windows 2000/95/98/XP
Processor: PII 266 MHz
16-bits Video Card 2MB
Sound Card

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.player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
Luke I just want to know what the second disk is? Does anyone have a clue?? LOL but im in love with this game and if the whole point of this game is learning, Krissy i think it would be REALLY stupid if all it did was tell you what to do.. but i guess not all of us are lazy are we? 04.06.12
Kelcie Anne It only took me 15 mins to download, but its so worth it. I had it when I was little and loved it but then we got rid of that computer and I could never find my cds again :'( 03.09.09
Jen It doesn't take very long but when it turned 10 minutes it was only on 24%. Guys it's just a game you don't have to go crazy over it like it's a tragic thing or it's the end of the world just take it easy! 30.03.09
Megan Gilbert .it downloaded as soon as i clicked it quixk 04.02.08
liam mine took 30mins and it still is'nt finshed 04.11.07
K.P. .if it takes foreever to download you need an upgade 29.09.07
tigger guys, just be paitient i downloaded a nancy drew game and that took 71 hours so how do u think i felt. but in the end im glad i did wait because it was cool and i have played vet emergency 2. it's REALLY REALLY GREAT! 27.07.07
hello this game rocks it only took 5 min. 2 download. 26.07.07
Mandy ok this game takes forever to download it takes an hour and 20 mins. and i have a laptop and i just got a upgrade and its a gateway laptop one of the highest brands. so this game better be good! 19.07.07
em nori you dont want to see the animals in pain now do you or put them to sleep! 29.06.07
Brandy It really does not take that long to download. It must be your connection. I am running cable took about 10 minutes for me to download 14.05.07
bella It does take alittle time to down load but inthe end it was all worth it.. I'm glad i downloaded it. and for you ppl who keep complaining about how long it takes if you were so bizzy why sit and try to find free down loads if your time is so short... get a life 16.04.07
Krissy This game is terrible. Not worth downloading. It gives you a list of pets, you pick one, and then if you (god forbid) are not a really vet, you have trouble unless you look at the 'hint' section, siding from the fract that it also gives you a list of tools to use and it highlights what to use but not where to put it. Then the worst part of it all is the end of it, after you're done all the crap with the pet, you have to check off what the result is of the pet, which, like i said, is hard to know when you don't know nothing about being a vet. Terrible game. 01.04.07
lizzie it only took 2 minutes ot download on my mac so if you guys really want the game to download faster BUY A MAC if your desspret enough...lmao j/k 12.03.07
aear01 how come everyone's games r taking hours to download? mine took exactly 11 seconds 11.03.07
KatKraz Why does this game take so long?? I just hope it is good.LOL! If you have played it, is it worth the wait? I am aminal mad! 03.03.07
Katherine My downloaded in like 4 seconds. UNKNOWN was right. ur pcs are RETARDED and SLOW and they are dumb, like u. Ur mom! Oooh. Would you like some ice for that burn? 12.02.07
Jessi I put it on to download adn 15 minutes later it still says CONNECTING! This is ridiculous 03.02.07
angel um..... am waiting to play it it must be good 29.01.07
Princess4704 I dobn't know about u guys but the download only took me 1min 35sec and it was great maybe u need to upgrade it. It might have taken a shorter time on my computer becaue I have DSL/Broadband. 28.01.07
me it only tuk about 30 secs 4 me 22.01.07
FreakOnALeash Retarted huh? lol hmm. Well mine is taking about 45 minutes, like most of the other games on this site...not that long. 20.01.07
Minnie Moo i didn't even bother downloading it, because it was going to take 30 HOURS TO DOWNLOAD JUST THE DEMO! 09.01.07
UNKNOWN omg this game is soo kool! -.- oh and didint took too much time fo maybe cuz ur pc's r RETARTED:P 04.01.07
Kathrina *sigh* Im fed up with u all whining 'It takes so long' and 'oh, make it smaller' GAMES R LARGE FILES! IT-WILL-TAKE-AWHILE. Just calm down and watch a movie. Thats wat I do. 24.11.06
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