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Beach Head 2002Golden Crown award of TGPlayer's Award

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Genre and what to do:
Arcade game. Beach Head 2002 is an improved version of Beach Head 2000. You are a gunner and your task is to fend off a beach invasion. In Beach Head 2002 you find only few improvements, the rest stays the same. At the beginning of the game you have a few guns and limited ammunition and there is an army that wants to kill you. Your enemies can be in tanks, helicopters, airplanes, etc. Do everything to have at least a chance to survive. You task is not an easy one.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
The graphics is rather good. The weapons and explosions look very naturally. The enemy units and backgrounds are depicted in a detailed way. The motions and physics are very realistic. When you see the graphics you have a feeling as if you are actually in the middle of the fight. The sound effects are decent, though the quickly get repetitive.

Offline gameplay: 1 player
Multiplayer: No
Publisher: DigitalFusion
ESRB Ratio: Teen

Extras and features:
· Day and Night Fighting
· Realistic Motions and Physics
· Difficult and Challenging Missions
· The sound effects are repetitive

Requirements: Pentium 350MHz, 64MB RAM, DirectX sound card, 16MB DirectX video card ,  Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP

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.player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
Seanna How many levels does this game actually have? My husband got to like level 107 and was still going. LOL He wants to know how many levels are left. Thanks 29.12.07
Anthien level six is extremly hard. 12.02.07
me to skip a level press the + , unlimited health and ammo press 1 and 2, and use pistol to shot boxes as they drop from planes to get more ammo for other wepons 22.07.06
randy260 I got it to download, but when I try new game it doesn'nt load :( 15.07.06
jm how can pass level 47 w/ enemies all over 11.07.06
john this game is gay but i like the blood part a lot 07.03.06
jey does anyone out there know how to get beyond level 21, i just cant figure it out? 24.01.06
caveman VERY COOL. no time limit, press M for guided missells, helps with air strikes 30.04.05
E Gad 123 it was OK, but in the beggining you die easy and you can kill a guy in one shot 11.04.05
bocefus You have to wait for the planes to drop ammo. health...ect. 04.03.05
infant where are the instructions and how do I get them, what works what ? 17.02.05
derty there is a way keep trying 03.12.04
snowball use the cheat that allows u to skip levels? 27.11.04
EasyEd OK, so you get to level 21 and all you are given is a pistol and 15 rounds. No other weapons. There are more enemy soldier than that. How are you supposed to win? 02.05.04
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