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Super Text TwistPlayer's Award

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Genre and what to do:
Word game. You are given six or seven letters, the task is to make as more words as you can within three and a half minutes. Use all the letters to make words and you go to the next level. Track your scores and time. The game helps to enrich vocabulary, spelling skills and develop visual memory. Super Text Twist can be used as a subsidiary method in studying English as a foreign language.

Style and atmosphere inside the game:
Super Text Twist is an amazing game of high educational value. It is designed with stunning graphics, appropriate sound effects and pleasant music. Play beautiful full screen mode. Just click Twist button and use hints if you can't make a word yourself. This game is for those people whose brain needs regular exercise.

Offline gameplay: 1 player Multiplayer Support
Publisher: Reflexive
ESRB Ratio: Everyone

Extras and features:
· Two Challenging Game Modes: Timed and Untimed
· Six or Seven Letter Words
· Score Tracking
· The game is too addictive

Requirements: Celeron 400, 32 mb RAM, Windows 95,98,ME,XP,2000

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.player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
sjk I REALLY LOVE IT.I spend hours on it and still don't want to stop.You should also try it 12.11.07
denzee ganda sana ang game na to pero diko alam paano magdownload 08.11.07
haze i love this game!sooper... 06.10.07
jr_bordz highly recommended! 02.10.06
Ziggy Would be a great game if it didn't make words up as it went along... needs a proper ENGLISH dictionary of words 17.08.06
dianne, Ghana - Accra I don't really know how to express my liking for this game. It impoves my vocabularies, spellings and makes me think very fast as well as have a critical mind in solving my daily problems. 13.07.06
owny so wha t are you waiting for play now improve your life! 28.06.06
phoebella can super text twist be forever? 29.03.06
crisja it makes me crazy! i keep talking to myself aloud while playing and my officemate was so outraged! very addictive! 19.03.06
ronit WOW! 23.12.05
madz dis game is kool, superb 4 all! sana meron pa kaung mas matindi....! 27.07.05
jhedi an extraordinary PC game i've ever played! it teaches me alot... 16.06.05
Eston yo dis here text twist is fo sho the straight out bombest game EVVAAAAAAAAAA! i aint no holla back gurrrrrl! let's express feelings! 25.05.05
benny this game enhance your skills.....i play it with my family....its really nice to have this game at home 18.03.05
KIMVEL ang ganda nya grabe enjoy masyado! invite ko kau laro kau nyan 08.03.05
me it rules 02.03.05
liz ang ganda nya grabe! you can learn a lot, at the same time improve ur vocabulary 24.02.05
danyellie it's really fun and i like it because of the challenge. 05.01.05
ME Like a version of text twist regular way to spend time with your family 27.12.04
luvthegame this game is soo much fun!its addictinng and i luv to unscramble words and luv to be challenged 03.12.04
heyshelle this is a great game... 25.10.04
pettiflor fellas! my family love this PC game. we even compete in getting the highest score. 30.09.04
twister a way to pass the time that can be entertaining. 28.08.04
TheLeftHandedShrimp Want a hint on this excellent game? Check out the first letter of each three letter word when you have them all... Either forwards or backwards, it'll spell the round winner! With some thinking... Game ROCKS tho... MY current spree is 1,081,050... Beat that! 02.01.04
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