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full Zzzzz games games for PC

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Mutant Mushroom SE

20.10.03 67% 8.29 mb
Three Adventures - The Dark Underground, Sky Castles and Ancient Africa!!!

PacMania II

20.10.03 38% 5.29 mb
The coolest Pac-man remake since the primary Pac-man of 1980!


20.10.03 71% 2.67 mb
The chief goal is to fill the crossword conundrum going to use the words.


20.10.03 65% 3.68 mb
The faster you acquire four Jackpots the higher your score will be.

3D Morris

03.09.03 55% More...
Computer variant of a 3000 year old table game of the immemorial Egyptians

Puzzle Madness

29.08.03 50% More...
Game takes fairly of your images or photos and converts it inside a puzzle.

Puzzlic Advanced

29.08.03 48% 1.40 mb
Make you brains work in a manifold way!!! It's fresh generation of conundrum gam


29.08.03 54% More...
In this arcade you supervision a military tank, mission is simple: enemy destruc

AquaDigger 3D

29.08.03 30% More...
Get prepared for some few underwater action. Now the game field is bottom of the

Sunken Treasure

29.08.03 49% More...
Use logic, sonar, and a touch of luck to locate all the sheltered treasure.

Minigolf Master 2

29.08.03 42% More...
Incredible three-dimensional miniature golf amusing involves in 18 themed course

Master O' Mind

13.08.03 29% More...
Break the sheltered code in this mind/logic game and a test of intelligence.

Money Mania

13.08.03 24% More...
Original remake of Pacman game with splendid artwork and music!

OpenIt game

13.08.03 21% More...
It's a admirable old plot - man versus machine, who is going to come beyond on t


13.08.03 65% More...
Original, fresh type of logic game. Clever and absolutely remove gameplay.

Hex Mines

12.08.03 30% More...
There are six table variations and five manifold maps in Hex Mines.

DX Lines

12.08.03 37% More...
DXLines is a fresh observe on the Lines games, with 100% of guaranteed fun.

Fun Crazy Eights

12.08.03 38% More...
Modern variant of universe famous "Crazy Eights" card game.

Mine Field

30.01.03 51% More...
Clear the field of mines in visually stunning conundrum game

Crazy Minesweeper

10.01.03 49% More...
Play brand-new full-featured minesweeper game with Classic and Crazy modes.

Intelligent Cubes

10.01.03 40% More...
Challenge The 9 Intelligent Cubes

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