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Mutant Mushroom SE

20.10.03 67% 8.29 mb
Three Adventures - The Dark Underground, Sky Castles and Ancient Africa!!!


18.05.05 67% More...
A fresh and droll comical retro 'gobbler' similar to the old Snake classic.

Bounce Out Blitz

12.06.06 67% More...
It's a Blitz! Bounce inside some few frenzied amusing with Swapper...

BS Hacker - Zero Expansions

16.07.05 67% More...
Play the role of a hacker in an underground network of the future.

Aqua Pop

22.08.07 67% More...
Eliminate all the bubbles rolling onscreen beforehand they reach the fish mouth.

HangStan Trivia

16.07.04 67% More...
Know 70's 80's & 90's music? Movies? Classic TV? HangStan Trivia is for you!


07.03.06 67% 8.00 mb
Arrange manifold colored balls in this thrilling conundrum game.

Atari Classic Arcade

14.12.05 66% More...
Play the classic Atari arcade games on your PC!

Treasure Machine

03.01.06 66% 4.91 mb
Treasure Machine is a dynamic and blazing arcade game.

Elf Bowling - Bocce Style!

25.02.05 66% More...
Santa kicking elves across the ice to try and acquire closest to the penguin.

Puzzle Solitaire (CD DVD)

21.03.04 66% 4.00 mb
Fill in all discover dalles of an appealing shape with cards by merely one rule

Space Taxi 2

03.03.06 66% 2.52 mb
Space Taxi is a retro style arcade game where you pilot your space cab.

Dark Horizons: Lore Invasion

27.04.05 66% More...
Take supervision of your Mechanized Assault Vehicle and head inside battle.

Hangman The Wild West II: Billy's Adventure

20.07.05 66% More...
Seek fame and glory! Reckon you've never seen Hangman similar to this before!

Spellunker: Ace's Aztec Adventure

27.10.06 65% 6.36 mb
You are Ace Spellunker - intrepid treasure hunter.

Traffic Jam Extreme

03.03.06 65% 4.91 mb
Traffic Jam Extreme is a highly-addictive conundrum game.

Alien X

14.12.04 65% More...
Shoot aliens in initial person!


13.08.03 65% More...
Original, fresh type of logic game. Clever and absolutely remove gameplay.


20.10.03 65% 3.68 mb
The faster you acquire four Jackpots the higher your score will be.

Super Jigsaw Blue's Clues

21.03.04 64% More...
Nick Jigsaw offers all the distinguished peculiarities of our Super Jigsaw games

Puzzaz Plus

21.03.04 64% More...
Put together a jigsaw conundrum of an actual moving video!

Pumpkin Mania

12.11.04 64% More...
Destroy pumpkins in this fresh conundrum game with a halloween theme.

Funny Creatures

14.04.06 64% 2.00 mb
Help these Funny Creatures decipher primary puzzles.

Super Jigsaw Anne Geddes (CD DVD)

21.03.04 63% 4.00 mb
You could spend a lifetime at this game and never play the same puzzle!

Shape Shifter

16.08.07 63% More...
Shape matching mayhem! Don't run beyond of time!

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