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full Zzzzz games games for PC

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Puzzle XP Championship 2

30.06.05 51% More...
The fresh map of jigsaw conundrum on your PC!

Super Jigsaw Medley

21.03.04 51% More...
You could spend a lifetime at this game and never play the same puzzle!

Bugix Adventures

02.03.04 51% 10.00 mb
Bugix Adventures is an magnetic rapid operation game featuring three-dimensional

Mine Field

30.01.03 51% More...
Clear the field of mines in visually stunning conundrum game

Drop! 2

30.06.05 51% More...
Follow-up to the #1 selling game Drop!, Drop! 2 is even more

Carl's Classics

12.08.08 51% More...
12 classic games similar to Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, Reversi, Pachisi and mo

Pacmania II

18.05.04 51% More...
Enjoy all the amusing of classic Pacman with some few fresh twists.

Ultimate Dominoes

07.03.05 51% More...
Grab some few bones and acquire prepared for the cool dominoes experience.

Super Pop and Drop

12.06.06 51% More...
Warning! Buzzsaws, Grenades, Blockerballs can be even m

Bombard Deluxe

14.04.06 51% 3.00 mb
A fresh and totally the merely puzzler that will defiance even skilled players!

Cubes Invasion

05.10.04 51% 4.68 mb
Play Super Cubefall, Cube Tamer and Treasure Mania modes.


30.06.07 51% More...
Combine the similar pearls to acquire manifold bonuses.

Vegas Casino High Roller

21.06.08 51% More...
Get Ready for Authentic Las Vegas Casino Action!

Zero Count

21.03.06 51% 4.00 mb
Wits and ability to compose brick combinations at fairly angle.


30.06.07 51% More...
Fight monsters and you travel the manifold worlds with two heroes.

Barbarian: back to the fighting

26.10.04 50% More...
Barbarian: rear to the fighting is fighting on swords.

Super Jigsaw Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

21.03.05 50% More...
Nick Jigsaw offers all the distinguished peculiarities of our Super Jigsaw games

Puzzle Madness

29.08.03 50% More...
Game takes fairly of your images or photos and converts it inside a puzzle.

Jig Swap Puzzle

14.12.04 50% More...
Breathe a fresh life inside the pictures of nature by swapping and jigging piece

Rook's Revenge

18.05.04 49% More...
It's chess gone wild! The rules of chess apply with just one exception.

Police Tactical Training

14.12.07 49% More...
What it takes to be a police cadet? Test your adroitnesses in this modelling ga

Crazy Minesweeper

10.01.03 49% More...
Play brand-new full-featured minesweeper game with Classic and Crazy modes.

TV Guide Trivia

25.02.05 49% More...
Attention all television, film and sports enthusiasts! Test your knowledge!

Arcade Chess 3D

20.10.04 49% 3.89 mb
Compete opposite to a friend or one of ten personal c

Sunken Treasure

29.08.03 49% More...
Use logic, sonar, and a touch of luck to locate all the sheltered treasure.

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