• This is one hell of a game! Terrific graphics & 100% realistic gameplay. It's worth the one time price of only $18.00. You get to keep the game forever & you get access to your own download site whenver you need to re-install it. You can play it off-line as a stand alone game or join their pool club for a fee & play friends on line. I added my own Mp3's and I play real cool pool while listening to my favourite tunes & songs!!! You can compete against computer opponents offline with varying degrees of difficulty. The graphics with music and great gameplay makes this game a real experience. One important point - their technical support is run by REAL PEOPLE WHO will do everything to make you happy. F I was really exceptionally well treated. For the money it's a steal especially for those who love 3D games. Don't miss this one if you can help it.
    Worldcitizen - January 25 '03

  • Love your Live Billiards game, job well done!! Thanks for your kind help. Please keep up the great work!!
    Shu - September 13 '02

  • I want to play pool all day
    Teri - September 9 '02

  • Wow, this is the best billiard game I've ever played. I don't like billiard before, but after trying your game, I'm addicted! Nice work!
    Agung - August 30 '02

  • Thanks for the quick response. Great game!
    JD - August 27 '02

  • I have been playing it for the past 2 hours and it is the most exquisite, exciting, realistic game I have ever encountered. Thank you and keep up the good work.
    Karalene - August 4 '02

  • Live billards is by far the best billards game that I've played on the pc. thank you,
    mbrocious - July 27 '02

  • I downloaded it and I am very pleased with Live Billiards. It was worth waiting for, Thank you,
    Ray - July 22 '02

  • I just want to say thank you very much, for your patince and great service!! It all works fine :) I will absolutly recommend your hard works to anybody i know!! Again thank you very much! Best wishes,
    Flemming - July 15 '02

  • Thanks for a super fun game with fantastic grapichs and gameplay!
    Armando - July 12 '02

  • First of all i have to say - " its superb " !!! The best !!!
    Miller - July 7 '02

  • I have been bragging to all my friends about what an amazing piece of software your game is and recommend it highly. My wife and I sure miss playing your wonderful simulation!! Thanks again,
    Gene - July 6 '02

  • Its a great game Thanks
    Brad - June 15 '02

  • It is a wonderfull 3d game and works really good with my new "Ge Force" card. Thanks again.Kind Regards
    Graham - August 17 '01

  • Wow, I just played your extremely good live billard and I`m amazed. I really never saw any billard simulation this exact and with so much features... I never saw this game in a store... so... I would be very happy if you could help me out. Thanks alot.
    Andi - August 11 '01

  • Let me tell you I really enjoy this game. I like it so much I am telling my friends about it and hopefuly they will get it to; because for 10 bucks this game is a bargain. I cranked it up all the way on my Athalon 1.33 and geforce 2 and it looked  and sounded so realistic. Thanks again for such an awesome high quality product at such a reasonable price.
    Sky - August 5 '01

  • The game is good!
    Michal - July 27 '01

  • I am very interested in purchasing this great product. My wife said that Pool on the computer would be stupid and she wouldn't be interested, that was until she played the demo. It's great!!!
    Allen - July 25 '01

  • I really enjoy playing "live billiards" and was wondering if it is possible to put a backspin on the ball or side spin etc. Regards...
    I have found the part that explains hitting the ball off centre etc, thankyou. Sorry to bother you. It is a wonderfull 3d game and works really good with my new "Ge Force" card. Thanks again.
    Graham - July 16 '01

  • Really fun and cool good guys but you must make a patche to make a good movie  ;o) hockey is fade maybe a strip tease gogo girl will fun see ya
    Mailgibson - July 9 '01

  • The music of your game is really HOT!!!!!! UAO!!!!!!!! you rocks man!!!!!!!!!!yes yes yes!!!!
    Maurizio - July 7 '01

  • Please tell me how to register demo of Live Billiards v. 1.1 The game is great!
    Igor - July 7 '01

  • I like your game, where I can buy your game and how much it costs?
    Bruno - July 1 '01
  • Great game !
    The Big Myarou - June 24 '01

  • I am afraid I didn't just evaluate the game, I am playing every day!!!
    If you are ever in London give me shout and we could link for a beer.
    Marco - June 18 '01

  • Priviet guys, it's very nice job i like it very much i've been waitin for such nice game for a long time,
    Tonio - June 12 '01

  • i like the demo it is the best pool game that i have seen in quite a while. i hope that the full version is as mutch fun as the demo. thanks for your time.

  • I had the demo for live billiards and I think it's great.
    Eric - June 12 '01

  • It is a very good game and i was very glad to brought this game, but when the sound failed it is very boring ! Mayby reinstalled ?
    Must i download it again ?
    Thanks !!!!
    I'm very happy about these patch, because the game runs now !!!!!!
    I feel sorry for my rough words, that i've send to you !!!!!!!
    So, thanks for the great help !
    Best Regards !
    David - June 3 '01


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    Think of it before trying to publish an other "game"...
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  • I did the trial version and wasn't too happy with it.  It's an awful lot like Virtual Pool, same key commands.  I won't be too surprised if you did or already have heard from Celeris about it.
  • I bought Live Billiards about a month ago and I was wondering if there is some type of upgrade patch I can download, because the game is extremely buggy. I love the game, but there is alot of bugs. If you can please help I would thank you.

  • I'm sorry to say your game "Live Billiards" is basically and exact ripoff on Virtual pool 2. Even the same controls are used...pretty sad. Why don't you invent something more original...
  • I think u made the graphics of this game a little too good, maybe you could update it with worse graphic.I have pentium 400mhz, and 256 mb memory but no 3-D acceleration.So i cant play it-its WAY toooo slow
  • This game sucks worse than u guys and thats imposssible queers ill kick all ur asse motherfuckers