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Rate: 84% Price: $1999
    Purchase POKER SUPERSTARS II (MAC) for Mac   Free downloadable POKER SUPERSTARS II (MAC)
It's time for Season 2! The Superstars are ready to win, are you?
Rate: 51% Price: $999
    Purchase ANCIENT TRIPEAKS II (MAC) for Mac   Free downloadable ANCIENT TRIPEAKS II (MAC)
The "Card Game of the Year" makes its long awaited and "Ancient" return!
Rate: 51% Price: $999
    Purchase ANCIENT SUDOKU (MAC) for Mac   Free downloadable ANCIENT SUDOKU (MAC)
An addictive brain teasing puzzle that's taking the world by storm!
Full 5 REALMS OF CARDS (MAC) review
Rate: 51% Price: $699
    Purchase 5 REALMS OF CARDS (MAC) for Mac   Free downloadable 5 REALMS OF CARDS (MAC)
A new incarnation of solitaire with a secret to learn!
Rate: 51% Price: $699
    Purchase MAHJONG ROADSHOW (MAC) for Mac   Full MAHJONG ROADSHOW (MAC) review
Embark on and antique adventure in Mahjong Roadshow!

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Royal Challenge Solitaire (Mac)

11.05.11 51% More...
Take on Royal Challenge Solitaire and progress through countless levels full...

Avalon Legends Solitaire (Mac)

11.05.11 51% More...
The magical realm of Avalon needs your help! As a Druid, you can harness the...

Spyde Solitaire (Mac)

08.05.11 51% More...
Spyde Solitaire updates the classic spider solitaire game with dynamic...

Soccer Cup Solitaire (Mac)

08.05.11 51% More...
The worlds favorite sport meets the worlds favorite pastime. Guide your team...

Pirate Solitaire (Mac)

08.05.11 51% More...
After being stranded on a deserted island, two pirates make a map and toss it...

Once Upon a Time in Chicago (Mac)

06.05.11 51% More...
Once Upon a Time in Chicago, bootleggers, flappers, gangsters, and...

Monkey Money 2 (Mac)

06.05.11 51% More...
The monkey is back, and he is brought a tuxedo! Experience different game...

Monkey Money (Mac)

06.05.11 51% More...
Jungle lovers, it is time to meet the cheeky monkey and compete for huge wins.

Gunslinger Solitaire (Mac)

04.05.11 51% More...
Howdy partner. Time to wrangle up your card slinging skills for an Old...

Governor of Poker 2 (Mac)

04.05.11 51% More...
The government has outlawed all poker games! Play Texas HoldEm as you fight...

Fairway Solitaire (Mac)

04.05.11 51% More...
Pull out your clubs (and your diamonds, hearts and spades) and enjoy a round...

Heartwild Solitaire - Book Two (Mac)

04.05.11 51% More...
Binkys once comfortable life, working as a maid by day and an artists model...

Ancient Spiders (Mac)

03.05.11 51% More...
Ancient Spiders features an antiquated twist on the classic and much-loved...

Drop 'Em Deluxe (Mac)

03.05.11 51% More...
DropEm is a fun and exciting game that keeps you on the edge wanting more.

Dolphins Dice Slots (Mac)

03.05.11 51% More...
Swim with the dolphins in this Slot game adventure! Experience three...

Magic Stones (Mac)

02.05.11 51% 15.50 mb
Fantasy turn-based roleplay game

Pirate Poker (Mac)

20.01.10 51% 37.75 mb
Video Poker with pirate flair!

Heartwild Solitaire (Mac)

20.01.10 51% More...
Immerse yourself in a game full of beauty and adventure!

Governor of Poker (Mac)

20.01.10 51% More...
Play poker in the old west and get a hold of Texas!

Jewel Quest Solitaire III (Mac)

20.01.10 51% More...
Experience compelling solitaire layouts in this addictive sequel!

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