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Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare (Mac)

Download Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare (Mac) screenshot
Rate: 61% /100 Price: $999   Buy downloadable Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare (Mac) for Mac OS   Free download demo Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare (Mac) for Mac OS

Reviewed by Jurgen Lynx

Attempted murder victim Flora Dale wakes up briefly as she is rushed into the ER. Uncertain of how she got there, and with her strength failing, she is unable to tell the doctors anything and quickly falls into a deep coma. As she lies trapped in her mind, she begins an incredible adventure piecing together the puzzles that reveal clues about her life, her day, and what led up to the events which put her here. Will she awake to name her attacker? Figure out the secret in time to save Flora!

Publisher: Game Agents

Extras and features:

Requirements: OS: Mac OSX 10.4, Mac OSX 10.4+

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