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Munch a Bunch

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Rate: 60% out of 100
Golden Crown award of TG
Price: $1795
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Reviewed by Yuri Storchak

• Requirements: 
CPU 433 Mhz, 64Mb RAM, 3D video 16M RAM, DirectX7.0 ,  Windows 95,98,ME,XP,2000

• Description: 
    NEW!   Try Munch a Bunch that is new twist of popular PacQuest 3D!
              Now with new weapons and spells!
              Shoot monsters by magic Fire Balls, Power Shield and Trap Mines!

    Discover Munch a Bunch that is new fascinating fun for entire family! The evil wizard has turned a lovely boy, named Quty into furry creature as punishment for excessive passion for sweets. The only way to break the spell is to travel throughout Cake Planets and eat all the sweets scattered around. Your task is to help our hero in his adventure guiding him through exotic locations, overcoming different obstacles and avoiding ruthless monsters. You are to eat all the sweets that are scattered around to complete a level. It isn.t as easy as may seem because numerous dreadful Legocefals and terrible Eyekensteins are hunting you; use deadly fire, bombs and shield to defeat them. Multiple bonus items allow you to get keys, increase speed, score more points and earn extra life, so don.t forget to collect them.

    Munch a Bunch is a captivating pacman-style arcade that features colorful 3D graphics, diverse comic sound effects and cheerful music. As for graphics, it is well done; you surely like the amusing hero: a big-eared furry creature without arms, who walk merrily and make funny sounds. Monsters are also unique: some of them look like flying heads but with legs instead of wings, the other are represented as one-eyed walking birds with columns on their heads. They appear from a house that is situated in the center of a location and pursue our hero. Bombs and fire balls show up constantly so you nearly never run out of them. All in all, Munch a Bunch is a new twist of classic pacman that surely appeals to wide range of players due to good portion of humour, original characters and interesting gameplay.

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Extras and features:

. Colorful 3D Graphics.

. 19 Sweety Levels.

. Unique Humorous Characters.

. Fire Balls, Bombs, Shields and More.

. Save and Load at any moment.

. Adjustable Game Speed.

. Original Summer and Winter Locations.


. Pay by credit card or by check using secure form

. Immediately get your product after purchase!

. Instant support, top quality, fair refund, no spam, guaranteed fun!

Look and download free Munch a Bunch
Look and play Munch a Bunch
Look and download free Munch a Bunch
Look and play Munch a Bunch
Help Bud to rescue his beloved Rachel in this classic jump'n'run platform game.Now you can play Collapse! in Puzzle, Strategy or the fresh Relapse modes.Remake of a popular classic game Bubble Bobble.Discover Munch a Bunch - new fascinating fun for entire family! The evil ..Help Bud to rescue his beloved Rachel in this classic jump'n'run platform game.
.player'S REVIEW
Author Comment Date
Vadim If you have to do it, you might as well do it right. 15.08.06
Marina The destruction is from his own personal god; he knows no savior. 15.08.06
faerydust This game could have been interesting, but it only lets you play one round on the demo... couldn't really tell what the game was like with just that! 07.12.04
David Game has become too difficult for children to play. earlier versions were much more to their liking. Going in wrong direction with this game, or needs difficulty settings for much easier gameplay 03.10.04
Spyro the French Quite hot action, boyz!!! Go get'em!! (monsters) 03.06.04
KOUNABI22 a realy fun and enjoyable game i recomended. 06.04.04
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